The Top 10 Eye Beauty Tips For Women – For Eyes That Bedazzle

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As the clock ticks away days and weeks of your life, your body no longer produce as much collagen as before. Collagen helps keep you looking young and fresh. In its absence, your skin health is damaged. First, your skin begins to sag. Next, you may notice dark spots or age spots on your neck and face, and fine lines and wrinkled skin around your eyes and lips. Or, you may just have dry skin that looks tired and lacklustre. If you’ve nodded your head at any or some of these symptoms, we present here 10 tried and tested eye beauty tips that will address your concerns.

  1. Overcome Tired, Puffy Eyes

When people first look at you, they often notice the shape, colour and condition of your eyes. Are they puffy, red and tired? Or are they twinkling and clear? If you fall in the former category, it could be because you under-sleep, are stressed out, conditions that add unnecessary years to you and make you look less attractive.

But as you grow older, the puffiness around your eyes won’t be for the above-mentioned reasons, but because you’re growing older. You can work to make the circles, puffiness, lines, etc vanish from your face by investing in good quality eye cream products, preferably if they contain alfalfa seed extract, manganese and Vitamin C that retard the aging process.

Of course, you could also do simple things like drinking a lot of water, massaging your thin skin below the eyes to improve blood circulation and eating a diet of salmon, green leafy veggies and applying chilled tea bags on your eyelids.

One more way of getting rid of puffiness is to drink a lot of caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee. This gets rid of water retention, which is the chief factor causing puffy eyes. About four cups of coffee a day would help immensely. In a study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, participants who drank caffeinated coffee every day had lesser chances of developing non-melanoma skin cancer than those who didn’t.

  1. Beating Dark circles

If the dark circles below your eyes have given your face a dull and tired look, you need to do something about it and fast. One sure shot solution is to apply eye concealer on the darkened spot to lighten and brighten them. However, if you are using a concealer, you can get more out of it than just that. Here’s what more it can do for you:

  • Dab concealer on the inner corners of each eye and the brow bone. Immediately, your eyes will light up as it will highlight your complexion and give your skin a unique glow.
  • To look awake and alert, dab some concealer in the area of dark circles, cheek bones and brow line. See the difference?
  1. Combat Fine Lines And Under Eye Circles

Do your under eye circles and fine lines dominate over your facial features? Don’t worry, for every beauty problem there’re many solutions. Here’s one: We all know that fine lines are a sign of aging, so whether they appear around your mouth, or eyes or forehead, this problem can be concealed, if not eliminated.

Use an anti-wrinkle concealer that can easily blend into your skin and help blur the wrinkles and fine lines, not to mention the under-eye circles. This will give you a flawless complexion and a youthful look. Alternatively, consider massaging in an eye balm. How to choose one? Look for a balm that aids hydration with moisture retention. A bio-restorative eye balm could work wonders.

  1. Give your skin an even tone: It could happen that your skin darkens unevenly. This condition is called hyper pigmentation and can easily be resolved with proper treatment. To treat uneven skin tone, dab concealer below the eyes. Choose a shade of concealer that is opposite the colour of your dark circles and dab it in. This will help to neutralize the dark shade below your eyes.
  2. Make your large eyes look smaller: If you don’t want to draw attention to your large eyes by making them look just a little smaller, use eyeliner. Use it to draw a line along the top and bottom of your eye, along your eye lashes. This will make your eyes look a little smaller and closer set too.
  3. Enlarge your peepers: Give your eyes a larger look by using light or white eyeliner. This works by attracting and reflecting light, which will give your small eyes a large look. Add a stroke of silver eyeliner to the bottom lash and it will give your eyes a brighter and wider look.
  4. Draw the right attention to your eyes with mascara: In order to do this, you need to choose the mascara that’s right for you. If you’re in mid-life, it’s good to go with a lengthening rather than a volumizing mascara. This will give your eyelashes the maximum length, rather than bulk. And if you are fair complexioned with blonde hair, choose a dark brown mascara rather than black.
  5. Wear the best colours: By now, you probably know which colours look really good on you. By wearing them as much as possible, you can draw attention to your overall look, rather than individual features. Besides, the colour of your eyes also make a big difference to the colours you wear. For instance, if you have blue eyes, earth toned clothes can look really good, or with your dark brown eyes, you can wear just about any colour and look smashing.
  6. Bolder colours with glasses: If you’re never sure whether it’s worth doing any eye makeup with glasses, think again. There’s a general consensus that when you wear spectacles with transparent or lightweight frames, it should be paired with brighter eye colours.
  7. Free radical damage, crows’ feet and sagging skin: Since the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, it’s likely to sag, often being the first sign of skin aging. This often translates into crows’ feet, skin puffiness and sagging skin. To protect this skin so that you stay looking youthful longer, you can do the following:
  • Apply eye cream with SPF 30 during the day which will moisturize the skin. When dry, the skin shows up as fine lines and wrinkles. Alternatively, use an anti-aging cream.
  • Wear glares with UV protection when out in the sunshine. Wearing sunglasses can prevent the skin from drying and developing crows’ feet and prevents any damage from the sun.

Concluding Remarks

The demands on your skin change as you age. So, it would help immensely if you use good skin care products to take care of the skin around your eyes, which is now thin and delicate and needs a different kind of care.

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