App Review: Google’s Cardboard Camera App

Google’s Cardboard Camera AppGoogle’s Cardboard Camera App

Have you tried the latest trend of Google’s cardboard camera app? If no, then it is your time to use the camera app offered by Google, particularly if you like taking pictures. As many people know, there are many camera apps you can download for free, and most of them come with varied futures to create, design, edit, and share the best photographs you have taken. Google’s Cardboard also provides many good features if you are obsessed with photography.

About Google’s Cardboard Camera App

The Google’s Cardboard Camera app lets you snap and take your own virtual reality photos. Virtual reality photos are in 3D, so the near things will look close and the far things will look far. Whether you are on a vacation or in the family get-together, Virtual Reality photos make you go back to that moment. Cardboard Camera will turn your Smartphone inside your pocket into a Virtual Reality. To get the Virtual Reality, you can download the app using your smartphone.

To take a picture, hold your phone and move it around in a circle. The app will do the next thing by stitching the images together and capturing the audio. The result will be a Virtual Reality photo that you can see directly when your phone is in the Cardboard viewer. You are able to look around from any direction and angle.

Google is calling it a three-dimensional panorama. Overall, the photo inside your phone will be like the real thing you saw before capturing it. There are some varieties of applications for virtual reality such as entertainment, arts, medicine, sport, and architecture. The 3D feature is something unique; thus many people love using it.

Features and Advantages of Google’s Cardboard Camera App

3D feature changes as the person moves around in the environment, which also corresponds with the changes in their field of vision so the picture will look realistic and enjoyable. It means you can see the photos in 360 degree and they look alive. By using the virtual reality, you can achieve many benefits inside the feature such as view some photos in virtual reality, you can download for free and start capturing immediately without signing up or account required, and you can take beautiful panoramic photos and the sound you can see and hear in clearly.

However, there are many things, which you can learn by using the virtual reality on your Smartphone such as:

  1. Virtual headsets can be cheap to make
  2. Smartphone screens are not currently sufficient
  3. Wireless virtual reality is liberating
  4. The self contained hardware can work
  5. Some view master ergonomics can facilitate the presence
  6. Having the camera in Google is so useful
  7. Cardboard is sufficient enough
  8. Low cost
  9. Having large number of vendors

Although consumers are generally satisfied with Google’s Cardboard Camera App, the product still lacks certain contents and you can’t make it as a daily-use product. The free apps that are currently available provide amazing experience but not for utility apps. Though it lacks some contents and it needs to be fixed, many people are happy using it to create the world inside mobile phone. For some people, using the app is like visiting the same place twice where you can see and hear the things inside the photos clearly.

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