Something you should know about a DVD drive loader

DVD drive loader

For most people who have their own cars, it is really a relax to enjoy some music on the way to work or home. That won’t change in a long time since there is nothing better to do when driving. And a DVD drive loader is part of the core of it, which also constitutes the main content of this article.

How does a DVD drive loader work

Do you want to know about the loading mechanism of a DVD drive loader? If yes, you are in the right place.

Many people ask us about the CD loader and DVD drive loader. The DVD loading mechanism for a car is known as slot loading. This is a loading mechanism that does not involve a tray, which pops out. The device you installed in your car has a motor, which assists in the insertion and removal of the disc. Read on!

Some DVD drive loaders have multiple magnetic movement mechanisms, which are attached to the focusing lens. The purpose is to focus the beam of the laser on the surface of the disc. The tracking allows the laser to position itself on any part of the disc. As a result, it reads, focuses, and keeps tracking of the disc data.

Similarly, today, on the market, you will find many CD or DVD drive loaders as well as car radio CD loader. Some of them use the linear tracking system. This is a little different from the swing-arm mechanism because it has a motor and reduction gears, which allows the laser to move outwardly on the disc tracks.

Besides, the linear tracking mechanism has two coils, which move the lens closer to the surface of the disc. As a result, the loader focuses on the motion and make other coils to move the lens radially. Thus, it loads the disc and starts reading it.

Some additional notes

It is important to know that some CDs or DVD drive loaders can load playback mini CDs and DVDs respectively. Also, there is no need for an adapter. Some DVD drive loaders have limited functionality, which means that the disk changer won’t operate the changer until you remove the mini DVD.

Moreover, you can’t simply use non-circular DVDs in your car’s DVD loading mechanism. If you ask why – then the simple answer is that such DVD drive loaders are designed to manage non-circular DVDs. So, you must not insert any of such discs in your car’s DVD player because the loader can get damaged.

That leads to another essential point, which relates to the quality of the loader. When it comes to the loading mechanism of a high-quality DVD drive loader, the Philips DVD M3.5/87 DVD drive loader provides a good example. It has the swing-arm mechanism, which allows the lens to move at the arm’s end. This has similar functionality of a tonearm that exists in a record player. On the other hand, some DVD drive loader uses radial mechanisms.

A high-quality DVD drive loader with a swing-arm mechanism does not skip even if the rail is dirty. Unlike other mechanisms, this has a much longer life. It has a magnetic coil, which provides movement and tracking to the laser assembly of the DVD drive loader.


So much so, there are many products available on the market. However, not all of them are the best when you start looking for the DVD drive loader for your car. Research shows that Opuradio – an electronic company has recently become popular for its high-quality CD loader and DVD drive loader.

Many people – when looking to buy a DVD drive loader for their car – look into the products of the company. Since there is a wide range of products, one of the best for recommendation is Philips DVD-M3.5/87 NAV Drive Loader Mechanism. It also comes with GPS navigation radio and many other features.

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