How to create Android games without Programming Knowledge

Gaming is the biggest sensation among youths and all most major part of battery drains because of gaming and no one regret for that, that’s the enjoyment of playing games.

Android is famous for its high end graphics games like Asphalt, Shadow Returns, Need for Fun, Dead Run etc. Android users doesn’t have to search for the internet to download games just because of Google Playstore.

Google Playstore is full of Apps and games for Android. It contains almost all games genre. Even I am a gaming freak and I spent most of my time in playing games.

But have you ever wondered that you can create your own game for Android without any coding or programming knowledge and you can even generate revenue from them?

Games developers earn money from showing Ads (Ads like Display Ads, Banners, Affiliate, Image and flash ads) and you can even do the same by creating your own game.

After reading many articles and testing sites, I have found two sites which will help you in creating your own game without coding knowledge. If you are curious in exploring games than this article is a goldmine for you.

I have mentioned two sites, in which first one is Stencyl and other is Construct 2.

Sites to create your game –

  • Construct 2 –

It is my first choice, after testing a lot of sites, I found Construct 2 to be best. By using this site, you can create games for Android, Windows, MAC and iOS platform.

It works on HTML5 and Construct 2 is specially developed to create 2D games. You can create games by using more than 70 visual effects and 20 built-in plugins.

You can even preview the games in your Android through the WiFi. After creating the game, you can publish it in your own website, Chrome Web Store, Facebook, Kongregate, NewGrounds, Firefox Marketplace within few clicks.

It is available in versions, free and paid. The free version comes with 30 days trail. For better experience try at Game Guardian Latest Version.

With the help of Construct 2, creating games become calk-wake, just drag and drop and your game will be ready. The Layout Editor provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual interface to design your levels. Construct 2 is a part of Scirra LTD.

  • Stencyl –

Stencyl is also another famous App for creating games without coding. This App let you focus on building the game, it handles all coding stuffs, so you can easily focus on the game.

The only thing you will need is a great idea if your concept of the game is good then you will end up creating an amazing game with Stencyl.

Currently, it supports iOS, MAC, Windows and Android. Some of the game created by the users of Google Playstore are on top spot on games. By this, you can get a rough idea about how great this App is.

Apart from that, it also has the feature to write your code for its power users.

How To Make Money From Games –

Now you may be wondering that how you can earn money from your created games. Well, you can earn money from showing Ads, selling Ads space or by sponsoring any product in your games.

You can sell your games to big gaming companies like Newsground, Kongregate etc.

On A Final Note –

Both the sites mentioned in the list for the creation of the game without coding are completely trustworthy, same and secure. You can use both the sites without any second thoughts. You may stumble upon many sites but trust me guys these two sites are the best.

The process is very simple, if you will follow the steps carefully than you won’t find any problem in creating your first Android game.

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