Tips to Lower Your HVAC Bills in the Winter

Winter is not only the season where you need to face terrible weather. It also could be a season where you need to pay more for your HVAC bill. People who have this problem mostly use their heating and AC system the wrong way.

Therefore, it consumes more energy than usual. If you don’t want to have this kind of problem, we have a solution for you. Here are the tips to lower your HVAC bills. 

Improve Your HVAC System Performance

Improving the HVAC system performance is easy. Keep it up with its routine maintenance. By keeping it in good condition, it will be able to give you the best performance. An HVAC system with good performance will consume low energy than the system that doesn’t receive good treatment. 

Other than routine maintenance, you also need to check for damage or broken part in the heating system. Once you find one, repair or replace it as soon as possible.

You need to do this checking part before the winter season comes. When the temperature is changing, you are ready to face it with a fully functioned HVAC system.

Improve Your House Insulation

Your heating system work even harder, when your house doesn’t have proper insulation. The heating air that it produces can easily escape outside your house.

Then, the system will keep trying to improve the temperature inside the house, which needs a lot of energy. Now, you must understand why your HVAC bills increase, right? 

So, check the insulation system thoroughly. Do not leave any damaged part that lets the warm air inside your house escape. The damaged part also can become the way for cold air from the outside to enter your house. That makes everything even worse. If necessary, you also can add extra insulation to provide more warmth inside your house.

Use the HVAC System Wisely

You are also the other factors that cause your bills to increase significantly. In short, you use the heating system in the wrong way. It doesn’t mean you can turn it on full force because it is winter.

You also need to maintain how you use it. Use it at a stable temperature rather than turn it at max. Wear some light warm clothes to help you, if you think it’s still cold inside your house.

If you don’t want to do it manually, you can always program the thermostat that mostly has been added in today’s HVAC system. Some of the latest systems have the scheduling feature. So, you can adjust when the system will activate and when it’s turned off. 

When you leave your house, the system automatically turned off. Then, several hours before you arrive at your house, it will warm your house up. When you arrive and enter your house, it will feel comfortable and warmer. This method helps you to save energy usage and lower the bill.

Use Fireplace

If you have an old fireplace, do not hesitate to use it and turn off your heating. This method can warm up your room easily. You may need the extra material for this method, which is the firewood. Maybe, you need to buy it. But, if you have a natural source for the firewood, you can save a lot of money with your fireplace. 

Utilize Your Windows Effectively

Use your window to save energy for heating your house. It is easy to use. For example, if your house is facing South and the sunlight from the outside shine through your window, do not close your window. Keep the blind, curtain or shade open. With this natural heating system, at least, you don’t need to adjust your HVAC system to the highest temperature to warm up the room.


As you can see, it is easy to save more money for the HVAC bill. All methods and tips we explained above are all doable. Some of them might need help from professionals, such as insulation repair and installation. 

One more important thing you must remember. For better result to lower your HVAC bills, you need to try the tips above before the winter. So, cold weather hit your house, you don’t need to do too many complicated things to prevent it from affecting your comfort. 

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