The Best 5 Google Play Store Alternatives- April, 2017

The official Google Play Store is a great place to get apps for your Android smart phone but sometimes the apps on the Play Store are priced really high or some of the popular and useful apps are not available on it at all. Because of all this, you need to know the top Google Play Store Alternatives that you can us instead of the Google play store.

Let us look at the Best 5 Google Play Store Alternatives that you can use to get apps for your android device. These third party app stores will provide all the apps that you want with many hidden perks.


Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store I one of the best alternatives of the official Google play store for android devices. You can find all the necessary and popular apps on Amazon App Store that are available on Play Store as well. The nice thing about using Amazon App Store is you will get some discount on the paid apps because of the frequent sales on the Amazon App Store. You can even get some of the paid apps for free on this third party app store as a result of the frequent offers it provides to its users. Amazon App Store also provides eBooks, movies, music and much more.



TUTUApp is one of the most popular third party app stores in the world. TUTUApp app store has a long list of impressive features which will make you want to switch to TUTUApp this instant. You can find tons of modified apks and games on TUTUApp such as the hacked version of Pokemon Go. All the apps on the TUTUApp app store are available for free to be downloaded by any android user. It app store can also be used on android devices which do not have root access. This third party app store has a built in toolbar that can be used to control many shortcuts. It also has an in built trash cleaner which makes your device function faster by clearing your ram.



GetJar hosts one of the biggest app collections in the world among the third party app stores. You can get apps for all android devices on GetJar, no matter if it is new or old. GetJar provides free apks of popular and paid apps for android devices. You can also download apps and apks for your android device using your windows computer in the process. It provides apps for almost all versions of android, old or new. GetJar has been around for very long time and the reliability of this app store is what kept it in the game.



Aptoide is another great third party app store that can be the pay store alternative for your device. Aptoide has a simple yet efficient user interface which makes it very easy for the users to search for their desired app. All the apps in the Aptoide app store are available for free for all android devices. Aptoide has a big collection of all the paid apps and games. It also provides tweaked apps and games such as Snapchat and Instagram which are the slightly modified versions of the original apps but are a lot more fun to use.


Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store is one of the most user third party app stores in the world, much because of the audience from the Opera internet browser. Opera Mobile Store does not have a very pleasing interface but they do have an endless collection of apps and games that every android user can enjoy on their smart phone for free! Opera Mobile Store gets a lot of traffic on their app store and you can get all the popular apps for your device from this third party app store.


This was our list of the Best 5 Google Play Store Alternatives that you can use to download apps for your android device at minimum risk of breaching your security settings. Which one of these Play Store Alternatives was your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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