Keep Your Jeep Clean of Mud and Dirt with Right Treatment

clean exterior of jeep after tellico

It is common for a Jeep Car to bring experience for owner to off road, but what do you do to clean your Jeep from mud and dirty after the adventure time? There are several ways to clean your Jeep of mud and dirty, and one the most effective way in by use Nano Bionic surface treatment.

How to Clean and Care Jeep Soft Top

Dirt and mud is unavoidable when you have Jeep. The dirt and grime that built up in your soft-top and window will lessen your soft-top life. Time and sun light will harmful your jeep soft top over time. You need to wash your jeep soft top semi-regularly. Do every month and anytime especially when it looks so dirty. Here are tips and best product to clean and keep your soft- top care.

• Generally, it recommended for you to avoid parking under trees. That will make you less to clean your soft top than usual.

• Use Plexus Plastic cleaners that work well for your soft-top jeep windows. This product wills seals your pores in plastic surface with contain of micro thin layer of protective wax. With this protective wax, your jeep plastic windows will resist from dirt, oil, debris, and scratch. This product is also able to use in Jeep bumper and headlamps.

• You might definitely avoid car washes for your jeep since it has high pressure spray and it’s rotating brushes will force water to vehicle. Take your jeep into automatic car washes will not only scratch your jeep windows but also it might tear the seams. In addition, some of the chemical products that they use are able to cause irreversible damage for your vinyl.

• One more important thing that you really need have for your jeep clean is use portable car vacuum cleaner for keeping debris when you clean your jeep.

Care your Jeep Windows

• For jeep windows that have serious scratches, fade, fogging, and stains are able to use Mopar Jeep Cleaners from Chrysler.

• When you choose window cleaner, avoid window cleaners product that contain with ammonia and alcohol. These two products is tend to dry out plastic and eventually lead to worst condition such as discoloration and cracking. The example for product that has these contains are Formula 409, Windex, Fantastik, etc.

• You might hear number of people recommended to try Pledge Spray Polish (regular one, not lemon) for windows care, but it is best for avoid it. Instead, long period use of this product is able to cause your jeep windows turn into yellow.

• Several products that recommended for jeep windows such as Mother Plastic polish is work well for windows care. If you have scratch on your jeep windows, you need to use Novus Plastic cleaner and polish that good for remove scratches from your jeep convertible vinyl windows.

Care your Jeep Zipper

Do you often have problem with jeep zipper, here are some tips for you. You need to lubricate your jeep zipper use spray lubricant that suitable to vinyl zipper. Rub soap bar directly to zipper and it will lubricate the zipper without attract dirt and grime such as spray lubricant.

After all, the truth from all entire product and tips recommended below, if you do not want to buy special product to clean your Jeep vinyl window and your soft top, the safest option is simply use mild dishwashing detergent and use with warm water. The regular use of soap mixed with water will keep any dirt from building up in jeep zipper as well. However, the best option is buy the special product that designed for clean and protect your Jeep soft top and windows beyond.

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