How to avoid visa rejections for Canada?

If you are planning to obtain further education from a Canadian university, the first step in the process is to apply for a Canada student visa.

It is observed that a lot of times despite everything right you get a visa rejection. Why is that?

It is because somehow you left a loophole in your application that caught the eye of visa officer. Before you apply for a Canadian student visa, make sure that you have completed all the necessary requirements.

To stay away from the prospect of a refusal, continue reading to know more about how to avoid visa rejections for Canada?

If you are applying for a Canadian student visa for the first time without much previous information, kindly avail assistance from best study visa consultants in Chandigarh, Western Overseas.

These professionals can help you fill online application of Canada student visa and complete all steps in a systematic approach. You can also gain necessary information from websites with content based on international education.

You need to submit a valid passport that permits you to return to your home country after the completion of your study in Canada.

You must fulfill all the rules and regulations stated in the documents for a study visa to Canada. Even a little carelessness can cost you a rejection. These rules and regulations also include documents related to Immigration and refugee protection Act and Immigration & Refugee Protection regulations.

You are obligated to possess a Letter of Acceptance from a recognized Canadian university.

You need to testify in a proper way for your funds and sponsors that are supporting your study and stay in Canada.

The financial support documents have to be prearranged before applying for a student visa. These documents should contain a proof for fees payment of $150 CAD along with other fees.

Do not stay under the myth that only SPP visa applications get selected and apply under a proper visa category.

Top reasons for study visa rejections.

Lack of proper documents that confer the relationship between you and the sponsor.

You did not lay proper grounds in your application about the fact that you will definitely return to your home country once you are done with your studies in Canada.

You don’t have proper proof that you are a well-settled citizen of the country you are applying the visa from.

If you are choosing someone other than your parents to be your sponsor, make sure you show enough proof that the person is capable enough to support your study cost in Canada.

You definitely have a risk of visa refusal if you have a pending criminal case.

Your education background is not up to mark or you don’t meet the educational qualifications required.

If you have earlier been deported from Canada.

It is always a good option to consult with a prestigious student visa consultant before applying for your Canada study visa because the professional counselors there can guide you better. They also know more about this field than you do, so they may detect a potential reason for refusal that you miss out.

So, keep all these things in mind before applying for your Canada student visa.

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