iPhone Air in the Middle of iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3 Release

Since the release of iPad Air in 2013, the rumors of iPhone Air has been flying in the air. Some people believe that Apple will make the “Air” version of iPhone to follow the success of iPad Air. Nonetheless, the rumors seem have not find the landing pad and keep on flying.

In the early 2014, when Apple preparing iPhone 6, they said it will be the “Air” version. In fact, Apple released the smartphone with the name iPhone 6 to make people disheartened but keep on speculating about possibility of “Air” model in the future of iPhone. Now, as the rumors of iPhone 7 release date become closer to reality, some people wondering whether the time will come when Apple finally use “iPhone Air” for the smartphone name.



Despite what the name will be, the new generation of iPhone seems really close to be introduced this year. While not long ago, strong prediction of September to be the month of the release came to the surface. Now, the words have been pointing to specific dates.

The reliable source specified 9th of September to be the date when Apple will open pre-order for the phone and 16th of September will be the release date of iPhone 7 in the market. Looking back to the past timelines and following the rumors of iOS-10 release, the experts predicted the order of important dates would be: 5th or 6th of September as the announcement day, followed by September 9 as the beginning of pre-order, September 15 as the launch of iOS-10, and September 16 as iPhone 7 market release.

Glimpse of iPhone Next Gen

Rumors are spreading everywhere about how Apple will make the next iPhone generation. From leaked information to leaked photos, the focus is pointing on the change of the inside rather than the outside. It means the exterior of new iPhone is likely similar with iPhone 6.

In spite of the information about expanding line of iPhone 7 that will include iPhone 7 Pro, the phones seem to be the clones of iPhone 6 lines exterior including the screen sizes and bezels.

iPhone 7 Pro

The biggest rumors about design change could be the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack. It seems the jack is too old for the sophisticated iPhone. Old-school headphone jack is not necessary any longer since so many options are on the table, from possibility of lighting-tipped EarPod headphones bundle to Lightning-minijack adapter to new fancy PowerBeats for wireless Bluetooth headphones. As the jack is removed, it is possible that the new phone will be full waterproof.

Sound becomes another highlight as some leaked photos show the second speaker grille. Thanks to the removal of headphone jack, Apple could put one more speaker onboard. If it true, iPhone 7 will have the real stereo sound and become the first model with it.

Home button comes next as many experts predicted “Force Touch” home button would be used on iPhone 7. To create sensation of the button is being physically depressed, “Force Touch” technology will be used together with a motor inside.

Significant step up is to be expected from the camera. Some sources indicated dual-camera would be equipped on 5.5-inch screen Plus and/or Pro model. As many other smartphone makers already used dual rear cameras, it is highly possible that Apple does not want to be left behind. However, dual camera is likely will not to be used on standard 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

A better upgrade is also expected on the battery. The possibility is battery upgrade from 1,715mAh on iPhone 6S to be 1,960mAh on iPhone 7. If we calculate, the increasing capacity may able to add 90 minutes video playback.

For iOS 10, the possibility is high that the OS would be launches together or at least close to iPhone 7 release. This OS is already available for developers so it is only require a bit more time until Apple release it to the market.

Apart of those almost true rumors above, there are so many wild rumors that seem good if it could be true. The list is including, curved display, ultrasonic imaging embedded into the display for greater accuracy, and wireless charging as Apple has gathered so many wireless charging experts.

iPad Air 3 Release Rumors

While the possibility of iPhone Air is still dubious, the rumor’s trigger, iPad Air is said almost ready to be announced. It is still rumors around but many leaked information from reliable sources made people eagerly anticipate the new generation of Apple slim-line tablet.

Apple iPad Air 3 Release

The latest news stated that iPad Air 3 might have digital crown and mechanical input like Apple Watch. This rumor came out, as the patent filling of digital crown was made public at the end of July with iPad is specified on the filling along with Apple Watch, iPod, and iPhone.

If iPad Air continuous development is true, it is possible that iPhone Air rumors will keep on going.

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  1. I really don’t see the point of an Air 3 now that the Pro is available in that size.

  2. My iPad Air is still so good that I would only update if they add at least one of 3 things:

    1. USB-C port
    2. Wireless charging
    3. Apple Pencil support

  3. It needs to have apple pencil support. I think.

  4. AltheaNRobinson | August 11, 2016 at 2:53 pm |

    Ya, the lack of data port options (USB) is one of the big reasons why my next iPad will probably be a Surface Pro : (.

  5. Well, iPad Air 3 would be ultra slim

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