7 new launch car racing games for the android users!

Car racing games

This year, many car racing games have been launched, and are still launching as the days go by. If you want to do something fun, and are looking for something to give you thrill, just by sitting on your bed – then these car racing games are perfect for you.

1.         Mini Motor Racing:

The remote-controlled cars might be much more annoying to the parents, but to kids – it was nothing but pure fun. One of the latest car racing games, Mini Motor Racing is just the same; the only difference is it being digital. Not only does the game has stunning and pleasing visuals, but it also has the option of revamping the cars to your heart’s content. The app is around $3 dollars and yet, it promises the same fun you had when you were kids playing to win and just have fun!

2.         Road Fighter:

8-bit games are not something many are excited about, but they do have certain charm which you can’t deny, believe me. This Road Fighter game would certainly bring back fond memories you would’ve made with your siblings or friends. There are no complex modes, or even customizations – just launch the game, hit the play button and start zig zagging on the roads, filled with cars and obstacles.

3.         Thumb Drift – Furious Racing:

This game is for the lazier ones, who are not ready to move more than one hand while playing the game. It is crafted in a way, where you only have to use your thumb, the aim of the game being ‘drift’ sideways through the challenging courses. There are in-app purchases, which will enable you to search and choose through 70 cars. Or better yet, collect randomly placed coins on the tracks. The ultimate thing this game does is giving you hours and hours of mindless fun. There are tips to download video without app, which will help you with the functioning of in-app purchases.

4.         CSR Racing:

CSR Racing is a racing series, and also one of the popular ones in the category. It is a drag racing game, where you buy cars, and have the option of adding upgrades to them, before you start racing. In addition of the normal mode, there is also a campaign mode and also an online racing against other people. The graphics and the UI arepretty awesome, as compared to other games out there, and it proves to be a good investment in the racing games category.

5.         Beach Buggy Racing 2:

Gone are the days of PubG and FortNite Game, as people are mostly turning to racing games. This game – i.e. Beach Buggy Racing 2 – works almost like Mario Kart. It’s, as you would have deduced it, a kart racer game, as there are various special abilities bestowed upon the player through the game. Along with a variety of locations, each of them coming with their own hurdles as well, the game also offers around 45 power-ups and other features. The only problem is that it doesn’t offer offline play, which is just a negligible thorn to the side.

6.         Drag Racing:

This game didn’t take any efforts to name itself anything else other than what does it do. It is much alike to CSR; however, it hasn’t gotten any good graphics or UI – all of its good points are focused in the mechanics. The car can be customized the way you want it – you can spend a whole day tuning your car so that your character – or car – doesn’t get killed in the actual game. The game offers a multiplayer mode, which is not only competitive, but also has a bunch of cars you can choose from.

7.         Hill Climb Racing 2:

Temple Run is the ultimate game in the racing category, i.e. where you start running and continue it until you die metaphorically. Hill Climb Racing 2 is something that falls into this category. There are limited but unique number of cars and tracks to choose from. The only goal here is beat the score you made in the previous game. There is also the option to upgrade these cars so as to improve your survival rates. It is simple and yet, quite addictive.

The games mentioned above are strictly available to Playstore, meaning iOS using people will not be able to use these games. Nevertheless, these games are fun ones, which Android users would love to immerse in!

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