Best Motherboard for i7-7700k – Buyer’s Guide

The motherboard is one of the primary components of a computer that affects its performance. Motherboards are available in different brands and thus if you are going to buy one, you will have to analyze the pros and cons before making the final purchase. This post explains in detail the best motherboard for i7 7700k.

  1. MSI CrossFire Z270 USB 3 DDR4

In case you are going to use the computer for gaming or video editing, the MSI CrossFire Z270 USB 3 DDR4 motherboard would be an ideal choice. These are manufactured by micro star international and support maximum RAM of 64 GB. There is a unique X-boost feature that facilitates the transfer of large data files. One of the main problems associated with motherboards is the heating problem which affects the performance of the system. In the case of micro start international motherboard, there is an efficient exhaust system that controls this heating. This motherboard also results in excellent sound quality. 

  1. ASUS Motherboard ROG Maximus IX Apex

ASUS is a trusted name that is known for manufacturing world-class products. The specialty of ASUS Motherboard ROG Maximus IX Apex is the cooling feature. There is ROG technology present in this motherboard which provides efficient cooling. The look of the motherboard is also very classy as is has carved edges. 

There is also a “boot” button for instant boot. In case you are not able to boot the system from settings, you can boot directly by pressing this button. The motherboard also comes with a Wi-Fi feature, something that is not common in similar motherboards. ASUS Motherboard ROG Maximus IX Apex provides support of 32 GB RAM. You can also use two graphic cards at one time on this motherboard. 

  1. Gigabyte GA-Z270X K5 Gaming For i7 700k

There is a superb Ethernet E2500 feature on this motherboard. This prevents lags while playing games on the internet. This feature makes this motherboard ideal for people playing multiplayer online games.  This motherboard also comes with a very efficient cooling system that enhances the overall performance of your system. The technology used for cooling here is liquid and fan only though. RGB fusion feature is also there which allows you to light up the motherboard with RGB lighting. Sound quality is also exceptional because of sound blaster X-Fi. 

  1. ASROCK FATAL1TY Z270 Gaming for i7-7700K

ASROCK Gaming-ITX/AC motherboard comes with the benefit that it supports a variety of processors like core i7, i5, i3 and Celeron processor. Also, since this motherboard comes with built-in Wi-Fi, you need not purchase separate Wi-Fi for internet. Also, there is an inbuilt Bluetooth feature in ASROCK Gaming-ITX/AC motherboard.  Maximum RAM support is 32 GB only but it is sufficient for fast performance. 

  1. ASROCK MicroATX B250M-HDV

ASROCK B250M-HDV has the unique feature of the ELNA audio system which makes it ideal for both headphones and speakers. This motherboard also comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi which provides good connectivity. This ensures that you do not have to buy separate hardware for internet connectivity. There is also a RAM overclock feature which ensures that your system runs super fast. 

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