How Does 3M Window Tint Block the Sun?

Foil sun shades covered a panel of a red car parked on the street on a sunny summer day. Reflective sun shield made of metallic silver foil protects vehicles from direct sunlight. Side view.

Having transparent automotive windows has low popularity. It is commonly expected that when one purchases a vehicle, having it tinted is an option. Car window tinting became popular decades ago as it brings a lot of advantages to the owner of the vehicle. Nowadays, there are car window tinting companies with years of knowledge in applying automotive window tint, specifically using 3M window tint films, a product renowned for its high quality and durability. But people still wonder how 3M window tint blocks the sun. We will provide some insights on how a 3M tint shields.

It Acts as a “Sunscreen”

Materials used in its manufacture have tensile strength, stability, and the capacity to protect the surface of vehicular windows. 3M window tint blocks the harmful UV rays up to 99%, and we are all aware that the radiation from the sun is damaging. Not only does it start facial aging signs, but it also causes skin cancer. The UV rays are rejected, and all vehicle passengers are protected.

Provides Anti-Glare Function

When you use your vehicle during the daytime, there is a possibility the amount of glare can be too much for an enjoyable ride. You may also feel it is hard to drive without tint. At night, there is also a chance that you get discomfort from the glare of other vehicles. Such distress can even make you lose control while driving.

Protects the Interior of Your Vehicle

Upholstery of the automobile and the interior of any vehicle are protected with 3M automotive tint. Upholstery can get cracks due to long exposure to the sun, and the inner car parts can overheat, making it difficult to drive during the daytime. The effectiveness of this window tint guards the overall functionality of your vehicle.

Provide a Tough Layer

During vehicular accidents, car windows can get smashed and break into pieces, but with the help of 3M vehicle tint, another layer endures to keep the glasses from breaking apart. This way, the driver and the passenger will not get harmed further.

Increase Privacy

When you have a clear automotive window, it is easy for others to view what is inside your vehicle. Prying eyes can have a free check of your vehicle’s interior. In this case, you don’t want it to be an invitation for others to intrude on your privacy. Some people can also see your movement inside your car instead of enjoying a secure ride. What is also worth mentioning is that 3M tint provides enough protection from thieves that will try to break the car windows in an attempt to steal from you.

Additionally Cools the Interior of Your Vehicle

When a 3M automotive tint is used, it blocks the heat produced by the sun’s rays and provides comfortable driving. When there is no window protection, driving your vehicle may not be as relaxing.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing 3M for Your Vehicle?

Sleek Appearance

There are various designs to choose from with 3M car tints that can match your style. The performance of each choice varies, and it is up to you to select the right design to install.


3M tint is well-known for its reliability, strength, and durability. The company manufactures high-quality products that last for years. Their brand also does not fade as fast and is known for its scratch resistance quality.


What is highly impressive about the 3M tint is the option to choose which works best for your car and your budget. You can choose from the list of their window tint series.


You can get an authorized dealer and installer without worries because they will also provide you with a warranty for what they installed. Even if your vehicle tint is durable and resists wear and tear, it is better to have a backup plan if anything happens and you need it checked.


Make sure you are getting the service and installation from a company that provides the highest quality of service. Some companies are willing to ease your worries and answer your queries about vehicle window tint concerns so you are more knowledgeable about the process. They will also give you some insights on how a 3M window provides protection and offer you a price that is within your budget.

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