Learn to buy canned fish

Globally, the annual consumption of canned fish and mollusks represents 16.5-20 % of consumption of fishery products.

In the canned fish group you can find a variety of products although the most common are:

– Canned tuna
– Anchovy
– Sardine
– Mackerel

In addition, the data also includes canned seafood such as:

– Canned octopus
– Clams
– Squid

As you can see, the variation of canned fish and seafood is quite extensive, and this is very beneficial for consumers and those who market these products, but this variation leads us to another consideration: quality.

There are many brands of canned fish and seafood, and the quality can vary so it is important for you to choose the product well. The difference in quality might be compared to when you buy tuna. You will certainly be faced with a variety of choices that lead you to quality variations.

Tips for buying quality canned fish

– The first tip is no doubt to find a supplier of canned fish that guarantees the quality of the product.
– Do not buy large amounts of canned fish if you have not previously purchased or received a sample that allows you to check the quality of the product.
– After receiving the product from the supplier, check the condition of the can and the expiration date.
– Not all canned fish are the same, this means that they are not the same in terms of taste, presentation and even price. For example, canned fish that uses olive oil is preferred over the ones using other vegetable oils.

If you have consumed or sold certain canned fish brands and you know for sure that the quality is adequate, then, negotiate with your supplier, chances are discounts for large purchases as they are products that are usually very well maintained so you can buy each item at a time certain.

The use you give to canned fish also affects the quality of canned fish that you must choose. Let’s take tuna as an example. It is clear that crushed canned tuna does not have the same taste as the belly of tuna, so in the case of canned fish will be the main element of the dish, it is recommended to use high quality cans, whereas when canned fish is only one more ingredient, you can opt for lower quality.

There is a difference between canned fish listed on their label “in olive oil” or “with olive oil.” In the first case, the product is preserved in olive oil while in the second case, care must be taken because even though olive oil has been used as a secondary ingredient, it is very likely that its preservation is included in other types of oil.

Another important aspect in relation to canned fish is its storage. Although they are products that can be stored for a long time, it is important to do so in a cool, dry place and not expose canned food to high temperatures or to a lot of light. If canned fish is not consumed entirely, cans must be transferred to glass or other plastic containers.

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