How to Use Serverwala’s Bulk Email SMTP Server Hosting 2020

From ordering food to booking a cab, and fixing an appointment to placing an order in the cafe, all the things are now done digitally. If we use the internet for such minimal uses then it is obvious to use them in our professional life as well.

Being digitally active can actually help in making several things easy and convenient that was considered to be a difficult one. One of the things that we use in our professional life to make our work easier is the Bulk Mail server feature. A feature which makes you send 1000s of emails to unique users in seconds. 

If you faced any issues regarding sending or receiving emails in bulk then you can use an SMTP server which offers better services and deliverability at minimum or no cost to you for running the bulk mail campaigns smoothly.

What You Need to Use a Bulk Email SMTP Server Hosting

For using a Bulk Email SMTP server, there are several things that you need to keep in mind which we will share with you now. 

First of all, for integrating any of the SMTP or bulk mail server tools what you need is a plug in. There are many tools which  offer their own dedicated integration plug in for running them. If you do not have that option or integration then you can find various other free SMTP plugins with better quality at For example, some of the most commonly used plugins are Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log – a free of cost relaunch for the postman SMTP plugin. 

So what we can use for using a bulk Email SMTP Server Hosting are:

  • We can use a WordPress plugin that is offered by a bulk email dedicated server service if available. 
  • Email log/ Post SMTP Mailer in case you do not have a dedicated plug in available for use. You can also use the same instructions with various other plugins available. 

7 Bulk Email SMTP Server Hosting Solution

Gmail SMTP Server 

There is not a single person who doesn’t know that Gmail offers free email hosting. Google search engine gives you Gmail as an SMTP server for sending emails and information from your website very easily. 

You can easily make a free Gmail account and it gives you 500 emails to send to anyone around the globe as per 24 hours of time period. And if your requirement is more than that, you can also subscribe for G Suite at the cost of 5$ per month which gives you a limit of 2,000 mails in the time period of 24 hours. 


A very popular transactional email service is Sendgrid that you can easily set up with the help of WordPress, all thanks to its API integration method. Sendgrid also gives you all the detailed analytics and logging as well. 

It comes with a one month free trial that you can select for sending bulk mails. It also gives you a limit of more than 40,000 mails that you can send. And after the completion of one month trial period, you can send upto 100 mails afterwards. If you are having a small site like WordPress then this limit is more than sufficient for you. 


Pepipost is one of the best but strictly only an email sending service for users. You can connect Pepipost to any service or an app including the WordPress site. This special bulk email smtp server hosting allows you to send more than 100 emails every day starting from the first day. And you will get to send 30,000 emails within the first 30 days of your trial. 

And if you want to exceed the limit of the emails then the most affordable plan is for $25 every month with which you can send more than 1,50,000 emails. 


A  bulk email smtp server hosting that gives you benefits of using both transactional and marketing emails ( just like Mailchimp ) is Sendinblue. This SMTP Server focuses mainly on the marketing side of the company and offers features of marketing automation and various others. 

Sendinblue comes with the highest free sending limits that they give to users with which you can send upto 300 emails every day for the rest of the time. And if you still like to extend the limit then you can opt the cheapest plan of $25 for every single month to send more than 40,000 emails every day. 


The most affordable email solution with which you can get both marketing and transactional emails at one stop is Mailjet. For the bulk email smtp server hosting with Mailjet, you get upto 200 emails every day at your service forever. But it is important to know that you get a Mailjet logo in every mail you send. 

Elastic Email 

It is also an affordable Email sending service which is a free forever plan and comes with very affordable pricing as well. With this forever type of plan, you can send more than 100 emails in a single day.

And for going beyond the limit, you have to go for usage that is $ 0.09 for every 1000 emails that you send. 


Mailgun now doesn’t offer the free forever plan like the other SMTP servers. But the main reason to include this in the top 7 bulk email smtp server hosting is that it offers a very long free trial to the customers which comprises three months . And is it also an affordable server hosting as you go after the free trial. 

You can send upto 5,000 mails every single month in the initial three months and it easily integrates with WordPress. 


The emails sent by the WordPress nowadays leads to various issues which are connected with reliability and deliverability. An SMTP dedicated server is used to fix these WordPress site’s issues of transactional mails, you can always rely on SMTP server. 

ServerWala is one of the best leading bulk email smtp server hosting services that  you can opt for your business or use. They offer a ride range of services that comes with very affordable prices and quality services in the complete city. You can also contact us to get counselling over your Bulk mail needs and requirements from the best tech experts at ServerWala. 

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