What Skills Do The Very Best Lawyers Possess

As part of our focus on career choices, today we are going to look into the life of a successful lawyer and dig into what skills it is that they possess which make them as good as they are within their profession. Most lawyers like Jonathan Bunge Chicago-based attorney, have many skills in common which help them to be able to do the job that they do. These core skills can be found in the majority of lawyers and if you have dreams of one day following in the footsteps of the many great lawyers who have gone before you, here are the skills which you will need.

Ability to Argue

Ultimately when you are representing someone at trial, you are arguing their innocence or you are arguing that they have been wronged. The side on which you argue is actually irrelevant as lawyers will regularly need to represent people that they do not believe. What makes lawyers so good is their ability to not only argue their side of the argument, but to be able to see all sides of it, and make whichever one they want, to sound like the most probable argument on the table.


Lawyers must be able to pore through hundreds of thousands of books and pages of data whilst they are working on a case, and highlight the points that are relevant to them. This is a huge amount of work which they need to do very often and to be able to process such a huge amount of data is a wonderful skill.


As well as being analytical, lawyers must have an excellent memory so that they can recall past cases and details which are relevant to the case in hand. The memory of a lawyer is staggering and for them tho be able to remember such large amounts of information is a skill that not everyone has the ability to possess or learn.

Team Work

The ability to work in a team should not be overlooked when it comes to the skills which lawyers possess and if you want to be a good lawyer, you will need to be able to do the same. Every case is worked on by a team of lawyers, paralegals and researchers and throughout your career you may need to play each one of those roles. You need to be able to put your ego to one side and be a team player to win the case.


People consider lawyers to be hard-nosed individuals but they in fact have a great deal of empathy which they offer their clients. Regardless of the situation, law trials are about people’s lives and the very best lawyers understand this only too well. An empathetic approach to clients is what will keep them positive and fully trusting in what you will do for them as a lawyer. Don’t overlook this important skill which lawyers possess.

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