Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Bed with Nectar Bed Reviews

I had no idea that buying the perfect bed could be such a challenge but that is exactly what I found last year when I moved in to my very first place and the time came to pick up the right bed. I have always placed great importance on the bed that I use, it is after all the most used piece of furniture in the house and the place where I will spend around a third of my lifetime. After doing extensive research online and looking at forums such as Nectar bed reviews, I managed to find myself the perfect frame, mattress and bedding for my bed and now sleep like a baby almost every night. If you are about to purchase a new bed, here are some tips to help you out.

Size First

There is always a temptation to go out and buy the biggest bed that you could possibly fit into your room and whilst this may be a perfect place for you to relax on an evening, the logistics don’t always work out. The last thing that you want is to literally fill your bedroom with the bed, you should always have plenty of space around the bed in order to make you feel more comfortable. Measure for the biggest size bed which you can accommodate in your room without filling it corner to corner.


When it comes to the bed frame itself, you should consider whether or not you want some storage below the bed. Many frames come with draws below them and places to store bedding and similar items. My experience has taught me that these types of frames are in fact much sturdier than those without storage and it could be a great option for you in terms of a strong bed and an additional storage option.

The Mattress

The mattress is really the main event when it comes to buying your new bed and you should ensure that you test out many and read plenty of online reviews to ensure that you can find one with maximum comfort. There are many types to choose from, some specialize in comfort, others in support and you also need to ensure that it will be flexible enough for you to get a great night’s sleep.


Bedding should be breathable, warming or cooling depending on your requirement and most importantly, comfortable. Aim to avoid buying anything too heavy as this may appear comfortable but during the night can in fact prove to be the opposite. Pillow are well worth taking your time over when it comes to purchasing them as these are the keys to how you are supported throughout the night, and how comfortable you are in general. Memory foam pillows are the best on the market and you should look at investing in at least one in order to ensure a good sleep.

Make sure that you give time to purchasing your bed and don’t be afraid to spend a little in order to give yourself maximum comfort.

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