Save Money with Promo Coupons When Shopping Online at ONNIT and King Kanine

Save Money with Promo Coupons When Shopping Online at ONNIT and King Kanine

Shopping online doesn’t always have to be costly. This, however, is wholly dependent on how far you as a purchaser are willing to go to ensure that at the end of the day you save a few dollars. Without a single doubt in my mind, I know and can confidently say that everyone loves saving money in whatever way they can. Online shopping is no exception as there are ways through which one can save a whole lot while shopping online. If just the thought of saving excites you then buckle up because you are about to get the excitement of a lifetime with the following ten tips on how you can save money when shopping online!

  1. Look for coupon codes on coupon sites

What better way is there to save other than ensuring you get discounts? With most online stores like offering coupon codes on their websites you might want to consider looking for these codes for starters, as they are an absolute guarantee of a discount.

  1. Combine coupons with sales

If you are subscribed to a retailer’s store by mail and receive coupon codes periodically, then it would be wise to wait until when there is a sale, then double up the coupon codes together with the sale for maximum saving.

  1. Run a comparison on prices from various stores

This you can do by simply typing in the name of the item you would love to purchase in Google after which prices of various stores will be displayed. You can alternatively use the PriceBlink add-on that automatically runs a comparison check for you. Once satisfied with the results, you can then settle on the cheapest store.

  1. Pick up your ordered items

If the cost of shipping is relatively high and you are not eligible for discounted or free shipping, then why not pick up your items and save a great deal of money while at it!

  • Sign up for emails

Most store owners nowadays send coupons to customers subscribed to their mail addresses every once in a while.

  • Download savings apps

Many retailers now have savings apps that one can download to get notifications especially when there are price drops.

  • Plan big purchases for seasonal trends

Certain things trend during certain times of the year majorly because retailers are usually trying to make room for new stock. Why not plan and make purchases at such times since there sure is bound to be huge discounts!

  • Make use of your wish list in your online shopping cart: keep your items in the list!

This is yet another effective way to ensure that you receive notifications in case of any price drops. However, for this particular method, you must ensure that you have an account with that particular store and that you are logged in before leaving items on your wish list.

  1. Use Ebates when checking out

Ebates is a website that not only offers rebates for online purchases but also gives coupon codes for your purchase if any. Coupling the rebate and the coupon sure is a great way to save, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Use the search words ‘As Is’ on shopping sites

This trick works to show where deep discounts have been given on returned items in some of the most popular online shopping stores like Amazon. Most of the time the flaw with the item is minimal and fixable so why not go down with it!

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