How to Choose the Best Subwoofer for Your Car and Enjoy It to the Fullest

Driving and facing the intolerable traffic jam will certainly be more bearable with nice songs playing from your car speaker. If you love the sound of deep and rich bass when you are listening to the music, then even the best car speakers in the market will not able to cater your needs. You need to install a subwoofer in your car.

Choosing a subwoofer can be pretty tricky because there are so many types available. Furthermore, each type will have different frequency range, impedance and also size. If you are currently in the market to hunt a nice subwoofer, you can consider these following things.

Raw or Enclosed

Generally, subwoofer comes in two different types, raw or enclosed. Raw subwoofer is also called component subwoofer. This subwoofer doesn’t have an enclosure and it is simply just a speaker with metal framework. It indeed needs extra work because you need to find the enclosure for the subwoofer. However, you also will have more freedom in choosing which subwoofer you prefer.

Enclosed subwoofer on the other hand, just like what the name suggests, it already comes with the enclosure box. Mostly, this type of subwoofer for car also comes with an amplifier and it will be called powered subwoofer. But if the enclosed subwoofer doesn’t come with an amplifier, you need to connect it to external amplifier.

Big or Small

When it comes to subwoofer, the rule is simple. The bigger the diameter of the subwoofer is, the lowest the sound frequency it produces. The diameter of a subwoofer is usually around eight to fifteen inches. So, if you want the deepest and richest bass sound, you should go with the fifteen inches, right? Well, technically yes. But you need to remember that the bigger the subwoofer is, the power it needs also will be higher. So as long as you don’t mind using such a high power only for the subwoofer, then it is okay to get the biggest one. Furthermore, if the size of the subwoofer is too big, it might not fit under the backseat of your car.

If you want to balance the frequency and the power, it is best to get a subwoofer with around 10 to 12 inches diameter. The lowest frequency that can be captured by human ear is around 20 Hz and it is possible to find 10 to 12 inches subwoofer that delivers that frequency. Even if you get the 15 inch, it is impossible to go lower than 20 Hz because you are not going to able to hear it. So, unless you want the fierce appearance of the biggest diameter subwoofer, 10 to 12 inches subwoofer is a good option as long as it delivers the lowest frequency.

Backseat or Trunk

Subwoofer is usually placed either in the backseat of your car or inside the trunk. If you put the subwoofer in the backseat, the sound and the thumping of the bass will feel really close to your ear, because basically it is inside the cabin. However, this configuration will take so much space on the passenger seating. If you put the subwoofer on the trunk, the sound can come a little bit muffled, but at least the seat inside the cabin is free.

Sealed or Ported Enclosure

Enclosure is a very important part of a subwoofer. The way it interacts with the speaker will determine the quality of the sound it produces. Sealed box and ported box are two of the most popular types of subwoofer enclosure and it is very easy to find them in the market.

If you are craving for thumping deep bass sound, sealed box enclosure is the answer. To create such a precise deep sound, the enclosure must surround the speaker very tightly. Due to the configuration, this type of enclosure will need a high amount of electricity. So, sealed box enclosure is always the best if it is connected to external amplifier.

Ported box enclosure in the other hand, doesn’t deliver the same rich and deep bass sound as the sealed one. However, it is capable to deliver higher volume of music thanks to the holes on the enclosure which allow air to go in and out. The best thing about this type of enclosure is it is capable to produce higher volume without using too much power, which is contrary to sealed box enclosure. So, if you prefer the rich and precise bass sound, sealed box is the best option. But if you want your music to be just as loud as possible, then ported box is the one you should choose.

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