Small Business Sign Ideas – Best Signs For Your Storefront

Advertising for your small business is a big deal. Most small businesses can’t afford big billboards or other options that can cost an arm and a leg. Instead, the options small business owners tend to look into need to be cost effective – something that works to some degree but isn’t too pricey.

With that in mind, storefront signs are often very effective as business sign. They have low risk since they are relatively cheap, but can make a huge difference in advertising to passerby’s (both walking and driving), and for long term branding. They are also helpful for potential customers to actually find your business!

  1. Aluminum Signs

Number one on our list, and perhaps the best option by far is aluminum signs. They’re great for storefronts since they tend to pop and have a nice, clean finish. Whether you’re going for a classic look, or have a new age feel chances are an aluminum or metal sign will look great outside your business or shop.

Aluminum signs are extremely sturdy, durable, and are relatively light weight. Best of all, they’re rot and rust free so maintenance is a cinch compared to other metal sign options.

Additionally, they’re highly customizable in terms of both font and verbiage so that the sign can reflect your small business best. Help your business look professional, clean and classy with aluminum signs!

  1. Window Decals

Since our #1 will help your store have a large, branded sign above your business or shop, we’ve taken care of the most important type of sign. Up next for our favorite type of sign are window decals! Window decals are great to showcase your business’s message and/or services to pedestrians.

Admittedly, it’ll be hard for most cars passing by to see the signs, but window decals are a must have for foot traffic – especially if your area sees a lot of it. They’re easy to install (they work basically as stickers), have great longevity, and they can be put not only on your business, but cars, walls, floors – almost anywhere! Window decals are great options for small businesses because they are extremely affordable but can be placed almost anywhere.

  1. Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are overhanging banners and are great if your business is in a plaza or frequents various events such as trade shows or expos – we highly recommend always going with a double side banner! Admittedly, the effectiveness of vinyl banners is more dependent on location, which is why banners are less of a no brainer than the previous 2 options of aluminum signs and decals.

However, they’re great options for branding and to get exposure to the general public. Put them in a crowded area in a highly visible location, and you’ll see customers start to pour in to your business!

  1. Portable Colossal Banners

Portable colossal banners are great options for most small businesses that have an outdoor store front. While they’re extremely effective advertising tools that get the attention of walking pedestrians and drivers, these types of banners are admittedly quite pricey.

They are still worth it in the long run as long as the weather outside your business/store permits, but weather is definitely a big factor to be taken into consideration. Additionally, because they are portable a business owner will want to make sure these types of ground banners are taken in and out each day to avoid theft.



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