How to Train to Become a Private Household Staff Member

The private household industry offers a productive and rewarding career and can provide you with an opportunity to travel the world. The private household industry is huge with surprising numbers of estates and homes in the UK, as well as in other countries who employ private household staff. There are many families in the world who have multiple homes, and all are fully staffed. Working as a private household staff can often be challenging as in this field, no two days are ever the same, however, some people find their roles really enjoyable.

There is a possibility that you will become an integral part of the family and the members of the family will rely on you heavily to keep the household running smoothly. As a private household staff, you must adopt the style of work which suits each individual household as each family will be different. There are families who will not want any personal interaction and there are also some families you will interact with you and make you a part of their family. There are some rich families who want you to be seen, but not heard, and will tell you to do your job with no conversation. It is very important for you to take your time and ask to be matched with the right family that suits your working style and personality as a private household staff. A private household staff member should know how to do the job, how to be proactive, how to accomplish daily tasks, and how to solve daily issues and for all this training is necessary.

Training Process

The training of a private household staff member varies from one position to the next, but the goal remains the same. By the time of the employment, you should feel confident that you have the required skills which are needed to perform tasks efficiently. However, consistent training is necessary to work efficiently and effectively. Consider these things before a training process:

  • Think about what type of training you need and what are the skills you need.
  • What will be your training approach practical, or theoretical?
  • Are you willing to train yourself properly and follow protocol?
  • Do you know what qualifications are required for the training process?

To start a career in a private estate or in a private home the first thing to do is to achieve a 5-star housekeeping/service you can get this experience by working in a villa and chalet. Working in a small hotel or a small boutique is also a good place to start. There are several private household staff training areas, such as housekeepers, butlers, couples and many more. Here is a list of training that you can achieve:

  • Housekeeping.
  • Food Pairing and Wine knowledge.
  • Service.
  • Russian Service.
  • Etiquette.

If you have the right personality and if you have some good hospitality experience, then it is important to secure your first role within a private estate.

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