How Small Businesses Can Build Brand Identity Successfully

Don’t make a mistake about it! A recognizable and trusted brand is among the significant assets a company owns. According to a study carried out by Nielson Survey, it was found that about 59% of the customers prefer to purchase products from the brands they are familiar with.

It’s unfortunate for small businesses, as most of the time they compete with big brands, which already most of the times have huge network market and unlimited budgets. This is the reason small business owner need to develop new ways to initiate a robust building process for your business brand.

What Does a Brand Mean?

This can simply be defined as the overall customer’s perception of your products or services. For a brand to be successful, it has to have effective communication channels as well as broad experience in many areas such as:

• In the environment (designing the stores or offices)

• In utilizing digital marketing

• In handling customer care services

• In content publishing

• In printing, packaging, and delivery

According to Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos says, “your brand is what others say about you or your products when you are not in the room.” Therefore, your reputation equals your brand perception in the market place.

Now, the brand-building being simple, creating a branding name doesn’t happen in a single day. Brand building is a process. However, the continues branding effort will eventually create a long-term relationship with your customers. After establishing a solid branding, your business will experience a steady increase in sales, increased referrals to your business, advocacy of your products or services as well.

What Does It Mean by Brand Building?

Generally, brand building is a process of creating business awareness using necessary marketing strategies to develop and maintain a unique image in the market. You can effectively amplify your business image through various digital marketing strategies, including:

• Social Platform Marketing

• User-friendly websites

• Paid adverts

• Mail marketing

• Search engine optimization and content marketing

Combine two or more of these channels is a fundamental step for gaining and growing brand awareness. Below are clear paths that will lead your business to gain more loyal following.

1. Establish the target audience or market

The initial step, which is crucial for overall success is to determine your target group that you will be focusing on. The fundamental way is to find out specific behaviour and lifestyle needs of your target group. Solidify the needs of your customers, and then look for ways to initiate a brand identity, which they will understand and appreciate.

Identifying your target consumers will impact all departments of your brand building, more so in marketing efforts. Overall, spotting the ideal consumers for your products will eventually also support your digital brand building process.

2. Have a Brand Mission

Do you have a brand mission yet? You need to figure out and craft a clear expression of what your business is servicing or providing. Before establishing a brand that your customers can trust, you need first to understand the values your company offers. The purpose of the mission statement is to give reasons why the company is in existence. It will coordinate every other aspect of brand building.

3. Find Unique Brand Niche

Don’t fall trap of copying what big brands are doing within your industry. Although, you should keep an open eye to know what exactly they are doing. The main goal is to understand the competitors and find different tactics to convince customers to purchase from you over them. Research your competitors or organize benchmarks to learn different branding strategies. For the brand to be competitive, it needs to be easy for customers to remember.

4. Openly Outline Your Brand Benefits and Qualities it Offers

In rare circumstances, you will miss finding brands with huge budgets and more resources to rule the industry. You should note that your brand’s products, benefits, and services belong solely to you. Therefore, to start a brand campaign means you should dig a little deeper to come with unique products or services that no one else is offering.

5. Utilize Your Brand in Every Business Operation

A successful brand should be visible and accessible in everything your clients read or hear about your company. Through digital marketing platforms, ensure your brand is similar everywhere. By using your brand logo style guide, you can formulate a unique consistency brand with appealing visuals such as fonts, and photographs.

6. Be Your Brand Top Advocate

Once you have developed a functional brand, you are the first advocate to market the brand. No one understands your brand better than yourself, and thus it’s your primary duty to spread the information. Besides, while employing an individual on your company, ensure their culture align with your brand’s mission, vision, and values.

 7. Customer Satisfaction and Loyality

Customer satisfaction is also a widely accepted issue for all companies, which applies as a marketing standard for company performance. It is important to make it clear that if a consumer is happy with a product or service, then they are interested in showing a loyal attitude towards the brand, ie willing to pay a higher price, willing to give a positive word of mouth and Ready to demonstrate loyalty in the current business environment. In the current business atmosphere, I came across, I was impressed a lot that how loyal and consistent clients they are providing. So, Overall a better customer experience motivates customers to spend more time on your website, return back and refer to friends which helps in future sales.


Encourage your customers to create referrals or share reviews with their friends. Or in the case with the sales of Custom Fanny Packs in Bulk, encourage affiliate partnerships and retail trading.

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