7 Advantages of Using Folding Electric Bikes

The folding e-bike is increasing in popularity among enthusiastic bikers. Not only does it come at an affordable price, its size and compactness also add to the positives associated with it. Being the next big thing in comfort and style, they already have millions of users around the globe.

Folding bikes have been around since the 1980s and have steadily grown in popularity ever since. Gradually, people started inclining towards electric bikes because of their range and a less strenuous riding experience. The latest addition in this regard is the foldable e-bikes, and a lot of people are still not completely familiar with them.

If you are planning to buy a new bike and confused about whether to spend your money on a folding e-bike or not, then you must read the following blog to find out more about them:

Faster and Less Strenuous

E-bikes come with a battery-powered pedal assist, which is a machine integrated within the bike to give your pedaling support. Because of this, pressure on your knees and thighs is reduced. A foldable e-bike comes with different modes including turbo mode, electric mode, and manual mode.

Certain e-bikes come with boosting technology that can assist in conquering hills and inclines. Such bikes make it easy to ride steep terrains and allow people of all ages and health conditions to bike through beautiful sites and go on longer rides without worrying about getting tired.

Easy to Transport

Apart from being a very useful mode of commute, folding e-bikes are easy to transport themselves. A folding e-bike fits effortlessly on a train or bus and can easily be put in the smallest of car boots. Because of being convenient to carry around, they make cycling possible anywhere you want.

The ease in transportation also makes foldable e-bikes a viable option for commuters. It is common for people who live in the suburbs to drive to the station and bear the cost of parking until they return from work. This becomes costly because of the fuel and parking costs but a folding e-bike will let you escape all this.

Compact for Storage

An obvious advantage of an e-bike is that it doesn’t take up much space. Unless you live in a big house with a spacious garage, storing a traditional bike can be a problem. With the modern inner-city apartments, it becomes almost impossible to carry the bike upstairs and bring it downstairs now and then.

The small footprint of a foldable e-bike also makes it perfect to be stored at your workplace. It is compact enough to be kept under your desk or in the cloakroom. A folding bike removes the problem of finding a dedicated bike stand and allows you to cycle to work according to your wish.

Beneficial for the Environment

Since they are run on battery and not on gas, they do not cause any harm to the environment. Moreover, the above-mentioned factors make them the ideal choice for commuting instead of a car or taxi. Since they reduce the need for vehicles run on fossil fuel, they are an attempt to protect the environment.

It is as friendly as a regular bike for the environment. However, the other factors make it a good alternative for other means of transport that are inherently not good for the environment. Its versatility is going to make you use it more making it an excellent choice not only for your health but for that of Earth as well.

Security from Theft

Since you can carry them around with you, they are rarely left in a place where they are a risk of being stolen. You don’t have to leave them chained up outside the office all day or tied to a lamppost when you are hanging out. You will be free from the worry regarding the safety of your bike.

Whether you are heading to the cinema or a coffee shop, all you have to do is fold the bike and place it under your seat. Also, folding e-bikes are less of a target for bike thieves as they are so niche and preferred by people who are avid bikers and able to carry extra weight around with them at all times.


Unlike other vehicles, foldable e-bikes are lower in price and can easily be purchased. This allows people, who are otherwise not able to afford any vehicle, a chance to opt for e-bikes as a mode of transportation. They are easy on your pocket and gaining popularity in China and Western cultures because of this.

Not only are they beneficial for your health, but they also save you money on automobile costs. Other modes of transportation are difficult to afford and their maintenance is costly as well. However, with folding electric bikes, the cost becomes very low and there are hardly any maintenance charges that one has to bear.

Improved Fitness

A study by the scientists of Switzerland’s University of Basel says that riding an e-bike is as good for your health as regular bikes. A folding electric bike gives you a chance to burn your calories as you go on about your routine activities. While cycling with an e-bike is pedal-assisted, it is still beneficial for your mental and physical health. 

Most people are unable to work out because their tough routine doesn’t allow them to. But, with a folding e-bike, this excuse becomes invalid as you can exercise during your commute. After cycling for a good time, you can turn the motor system on and enjoy a comfortable ride back home when you are tired.


Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. While it is almost impossible for people to own an electric car, buying the best electric bike isn’t that much of a big deal. Given the concerns regarding global warming and environmental pollution, using sustainable forms of transportation has become your civic responsibility. There is no better option than portable e-bikes because they are the future of commuting.

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