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About Theme Planet

A Platform named Theme planet was launched in 2018 and this website was operated by Font Bundles Limited and it’s headquarter is located in the United Kingdom. It is an upcoming growing an online platform or marketplace for selling a variety of premium, featured or latest website themes and templates at affordable price according to your and your website need. It is the platform where you can easily able to get free premium WordPress themes and Theme planet also allows you to get free a WordPress blog themes.

The marketplace of Theme planet works on various and different kinds of themes and templates that will include HTML5 website templates as well as the vast variety of themes and templates which are compatible for high-level websites like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and many more.

Aim and Future Ambition

Theme planet comes to the world in 2018 with an aim and ambition of becoming the world’s fastest and largest growing online themes and templates marketplace to sell a variety of themes, templates, and many more which are compatible for websites like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify and various other popular sites.

For making this site and marketplace, successful, it was totally backed by teams of developers, theme creators, experts, customer support experts, and others. The marketplace of theme planet includes premium, featured themes and templates at great affordable prices.


To get yourself registered on theme planet all you need to do is just sign up for a free account and get instant access to the thousands of website themes and templates. Theme planet also offers you free and premium products as well which fulfil all your needs as per your requirements at a reasonable price.

Create and Earn

Theme Planet gives you a platform to show up your skills and earn money from the website. All you need is just set up your store on theme planet and upload your themes which you made and sell it on theme planet at your price. Expand your income and reach by connecting yourself with thousands of designer experts on theme planet. Just upload your products, whether it is a theme or templates instantly and earn a decent commission per sale of your products and get quick payouts.  

Features of Theme Planet

  • You can get the best WordPress themes at theme planet.
  • You can earn money at theme planet by placing your products in their store, and they will give you a fair commission per sale of your products.
  • Theme planet also offers you a vast number of templates which are designed with HTML5 and totally compatible with every kind of websites.
  • Theme planet also provides you with some free and premium website templates and design for your websites.
  • The registration process is totally free.

Contact Details

If you are interested in this platform for growing your marketplace, then we are sharing their contact details with you all. There are some contact details of Theme Planet which are mentioned below:

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