Five Ways To Hurt Your Business

Owning and running a business is not easy. There are so many things an owner needs to worry about. You need to have everything in place before you open the doors of your business. You don’t want to be part of the thirty percent that the Small Business Association says fails in one year. What do you need to know to keep you ahead and running at full speed? Here are five reasons why a business might fail.

Not keeping a Business Clean and Pest-Free

No one wants to walk into a business and see something crawling or wiggling along the floor or wall. This is a real turnoff for people. And we are not even talking a food business here. It can be any business where you attempt to spend your money. There is just something that makes you want to turn and walk the other way if it is dirty and has a pest problem. There really is no excuse anymore for a pest invasion because of pest services Riverside, CA business owners have learned to trust. Whether the pest problem is mice, spiders, ants, or beetles, there is professional help available to stop the assault on your company. Make sure that when it is opening day, you have your business clean and shiny without a pest to be seen.

Bad Customer Service

When I walk into a business, I expect to be treated respectfully and promptly. They do not have to be super excited to see me, but I do ask for some consideration for having chosen their business to spend my hard-earned money. If you walk into a business and no one looks up, and you have to wait over a minute or two, something is amiss with your customer service training. This is the time you need to take your employees aside and let them know that there will be no business without customers. A customer does not want to be treated like they are bothering the employees. If an employee cannot answer a question that the consumer has, then they can politely tell the customer they don’t know but will find out immediately. I never care if an employee has all the answers, but at least go try to find out for me quickly. Also, there is never anything wrong with a kind hello or goodbye. This is just common courtesy.  

Not Delivering Real Value

Value defined is the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. If you sell a product that does not hold up to its hype, you have got a problem. has said, “Find a way that you can under-promise but over-deliver.” You will have happy, smiling customers if you do. A customer discovering the great value at your business will think they have found a real business gem, something of worth, a place to tell their friends about, and will come back again and again. 

Failure to Listen to Their Customers

This kind of goes back to the customer service topic, but it is so true. If a customer asks you to please carry a certain product because they buy if often, a business owner should try to move heaven and earth to get that particular product for them. If a customer thinks you should put something that is high on a shelf down lower so people can reach, a business owner would be foolish not to try to accommodate the request. When a person thinks you should email customers when there is going to be a sale, do what you have to do to follow through with it. Even if you tell the customer that this is something you are planning and it will begin in a month, for example, it shows that you are listening to them. They will remember.

Poor Management

Poor management can really hurt a business. If you are letting employees leave early when it is your busy time on a Saturday, your business will suffer. If you do not expect them to be at work, ready to go and on time, then this can present a lot of problems. If you don’t train your employees about your business and show them what you expect, they will choose the easier path. This can hurt a business. Also, if a manager shows favoritism to a certain few employees, the word will get out and an overlooked employee will not care one way or another about helping your business grow.

These are just a few of the ideas that can hurt a business. To be a good businessman or businesswoman, just think about how you would like to be treated. Pretend you are on the outside looking in. Would you want to do business with your company? This might be a great way to see some things you might have overlooked. Work hard and good luck on your new endeavor.

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