5 Best Free Programs That Work Great With Your Pdf and Documents

Programs that are great working with PDF files and documents on your computer system include Soda PDF, Okular, PDF creator, PDFsam, and FreeOCR. All these programs are completely free to download and use for both personal and commercial use.

Soda PDF, Okular, PDF creator and PDFsam are open source software, while FreeOCR is free software for M Windows. If you want to download them, then you can do it easily by typing the name in your Google text bar.

1.  Soda PDF

Soda PDF is simply a lightweight PDF reader. It is also very quick, responsive and not a very large program to download. It can help you view the SPX extension; it can also view some of the eBook formats, PDF files and a lot of other different document types.

It looks very similar to Acrobat Reader, Soda PDF (sodapdf.com) is a window only program.

2.  Okular

Okular is useful for Windows and Mac and is very similar to Sumarta PDF and Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a PDF reader and document viewer. However, it gives more options and features to the user, as it supports more document types as compared to Sumarta PDF.

You can select an image from it if you want to and then click and save it on our clipboard; you can make a text selection, browse through the thumbnails. So, it is another free and good PDF viewer that you can help you with your work.

3.  PDF creator

PDF creator is a program that once you install it, it creates a virtual printer on your screen that you can use to print. For instance, if you want to print from notepad, then just go to print and select the PDF creator option. This will open the PDF creator printing window that you can save anywhere in your system. So, it is very useful to print files in PDF format for you.

4.  PDFsam

PDFsam stands for ‘PDF split and merge.’ It is a program that just split and merge your PDF documents. You just have to open the document that you want to split and merge. There are some splitting options in there, such as, split into single pages, split to even pages, split to odd pages, etc. You have to select one option and then click run to complete the splitting process. Each of the split parts of PDF will appear as a separate PDF.

5.  FreeOCR

FreeOCR, in which OCR stands for ‘Optical Character Recognition.’ This is a program that you can use a scanner or with images, and it will convert text and images into an editable form. You just have to open the image or put text in it and click the OCR option; a parallel section will open where you can edit that stuff.

The edited material could be copied to the clipboard, or you can send it to MS word and a couple of other options that it offers to you.

These are the programs that are mentioned in detail. Go ahead and make use of them to carry out your work more professionally.

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