3 Reasons Laravel is the Best PHP Framework in 2019

Are you planning on using one of the PHP frameworks on your project? As we are approaching 2019, this free, open source PHP web framework has seen a significant rise in popularity. Laravel has some popular advantages in web development. IT professionals are constantly looking for new ways to improve PHP development. With benefits like faster development, security enhancements, and out-of-the-box functionalities, the Laravel framework makes PHP more convenient.

Laravel is gaining popularity fast, despite the fact that it’s relatively young. Whether you are looking to build a website for your business or you are expanding your IT skills, you should explore to key advantages of using Laravel for your next web development project. Let’s take a closer look at this new technology and you can look at these guys if you like their infographics or if you are interested in Laravel or any other developers.


The Implementation of the Laravel Framework

It is no secret that PHP as a back-end is a popular choice amongst developers today. Thanks to the continued advance of technology, several frameworks have emerged to make PHP development faster, smoother, and more effective. Released in 2011, Laravel aims to do just that. As we enter 2019, we only see the popularity of Laravel for web design and development to increase.

Before we dive into the most evident reasons why this framework is the best choice for PHP development in 2019, let’s take a look at how to use Laravel. According to BuiltWith, over one million websites have historically used Laravel in their development process. Laravel is typically used for businesses looking to build a website and launch it ASAP.

Startup businesses find the technology to be promising higher ROI. Since it allows for quick development and more affordable web developer salary rates, it is also popularly used in large enterprise-level applications. Like all open source frameworks, the continuous development and advancement of the technology prove that its future is bright.

How Does Laravel Stack Up to Other PHP Frameworks?

One of the biggest questions that arise in web development is which framework is the right choice for the specific requirements of each unique development project. There are many options for programmers looking to develop a project with PHP. CodeIgniter, CakePHP, FuelPHP, Yii 2, and Symfony name just a few. Ask any web development company, the two most popular PHP frameworks are Laravel and Symfony.


As the two continue to compete to be the top choice, they both carry amazing features that help programmers sweep through the toughest challenges in web development. For example, both languages accept multilingual content and use cross-platform features.


The battle between Symfony vs Laravel really boils down to the specifics of each web development project. Symfony is well suited for complex enterprise level projects that need reusable components and lots of room for growth. Laravel is better suited to MVC based applications that require simple migrations, multiple database objects, and easier authentication.

Top Reasons Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework

There are numerous reasons why Laravel is a good choice for your next web development project. Among them are:

  • The active community of developers working with the technology.
  • Its ability to test early on the in the development process, uncovering issues before they become a major problem.
  • Laravel provides several options for routing requests, making the process for development faster.
  • The ability to customize and control the internal structure.
  • Code organization which allows both front-end and back-end developers to work simultaneously without an issue.

In addition to these amazing advantages of the popular PHP framework, there are three key advantages to using the Laravel framework.

1. Advanced Security Enhancement

One of the most important aspects of web development today involves the implementation of security measures. When it comes to online security, you should be sure to implement the latest industry standards into your website. This doesn’t only protect your brand reputation; it advances your digital marketing strategy.

Laraval will protect your website from malicious attacks with its implementation of the best practices in security. You can be sure your website is protected from evil attacks by hackers and other common malware threats. While any framework can claim to offer security enhancement, Laravel proves to enlist tighter security measure. How?

  • The advanced, out-of-the-box authentication system that comes with Laravel is a great advantage to businesses. Administrators can assign roles to users, restricting access to protect content, control, and user databases.
  • The parameters of data exchange do not occur within SQL queries. This protects from SQL injection that can compromise the database, resulting in data theft and other harsh consequences of a security breach.
  • Laravel protects against cross-site request forgery. Through the use of CSRF tokens, third party access is strictly prohibited. While other frameworks may become compromised through hackers who sneak in on the skirt tails of authenticated user access, CSRF tokens block that access.
  • Laravel blocks Cross Site Scripting. This can best be representing when comment authorization is required on a websites public comments view. Hackers, spammers, and malware attacks use these non-secure platforms as an easy in, but Laravel protects against XSS.

2. Advanced Integration with External Services

Almost all websites must allow for integration with external services. For example, websites in the restaurant industry must integrate menus into their development process. Additionally, third-party mail services are also integrated into the web development process. One of the great benefits of Laravel is that it allows for fast, smooth integration of nearly all external services.


The Laravel framework allows programmers to easily integrate third-party services, making the development process much more time-efficient. By using technologies that enable web objects to be both stored and cached in the backend, users benefit from faster website speed without the need for reloading from the server every time a website is visited.

3. Out-of-the-box Authorization and Authentication Mechanisms

Businesses of all sizes require authorization and authentication processes for all their web applications. This is another advantage in terms of security because it enables websites to verify the identity of users wishing to gain access. Since Laravel allows for this restriction out-of-the-box, these functionalities are seamless. This saves both time and money in the development process while ensuring you get the absolute best for your clients and your business.


If you are looking to implement a PHP framework that makes the development process faster and easier, Laravel is your solution! With advanced security enhancement, easier integration of external services, and authentication mechanisms that advance your business, you’ll quickly see the benefits of the Laravel framework.

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