How to Recycle Your Old Gadgets For Cash

Recycling your old gadgets has often been seen as a time-consuming process that requires a vast amount of back and forth. This is far from the case. With several businesses providing easy to use services, struggling to recycle your devices is a thing of the past. To help you get started, we will be providing you with insight into some of the steps to take to recycle the old devices you have lying around at home.

Find The Right Online Recycling Company

The first step to recycling your old devices is finding the right company to help you achieve it. With a number of these companies online such as sell my gadget, it can be difficult to find the right one that will offer you the right price for your older devices. By looking at the reviews and taking on recommendations from family members, you can find the right recycling company for you within just a few clicks.

Wipe The Phone And Ensure Data Is Secure

When you have found the right company for you, it is then time to ensure that all your data is secure. By encrypting the data and placing it onto your computer, you are able to ensure that every ounce of personal data is removed before you recycle it. When you have done this, it is then time to return the phone to factory settings. This will ensure that no pass codes or sensitive information are remaining on the phone when you send it off to be recycled.

Get Your Device Valued

Whilst you are removing all your old data from the phone you are then able to get it valued. This will allow you to work out which of your chosen recycling companies will give you the most for your old device. This is a great way of making some extra cash from the money that you have and can enable you to invest it or place it I your saving account. This amount of money will of course depend on the condition of the device at the point of sale as well as how new the device is as technology tends to lose value over the years.

Follow The Instructions Given To You By Your Chosen Company

When you have had the phone valued and have decided on your chosen company, you are then set to follow the instructions that they provide you. Whether it is sending the phone to a specific address or taking it to a drop off point, this will then allow them to take your device and dispose of it properly. This will ensure that the batteries are properly disposed of to limit the number of harmful gasses released into the air. This is much safer than throwing them away, and it allows you to finally clear out the clutter in your home.

Whether you are a tech lover with a draw full of old phones, or just someone who is cleaning out the clutter before moving home, recycling your old devices is a great way of making money and saving the environment.

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