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YouTube is the top online streaming site that attracts nearly 1 billion people per day according to the statistics from SimilarWeb. You probably are one of them. People like enjoying funny videos and listening to awesome music videos, so that’s what makes YouTube so popular and influential.

People stream or upload a bunch of videos on YouTube every day, however, there is zero downloads of videos from the site. Why? Because most video sites disallow users to download any content directly out of reasons. Incredible as YouTube is, users still cannot download videos as they wish.

That’s why VidPaw catches global attention. VidPaw insists on offering free online services, of which one is making it easy for users to download online videos from any site for free. VidPaw has so far captured a great number of people’s heart throughout the world. Now, go ahead and learn your way around VidPaw below.

What is VidPaw?

VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader brought itself to public attention in 2018 and embraced a great update in January, 2019. Originally, VidPaw is merely an online video downloader that is free and open to big fans of videos. Now, it enables users to both download online videos from 1,000 sites as well as watch a bunch of video resources on VidPaw.

Also, VidPaw brings more free online tools for you, such as YouTube to MP3 Converter, Subtitle Downloader, Facebook Video Downloader, Instagram Photo & Video Downloader, Twitter Downloader, and so on.

If you don’t know what’s fun to watch, VidPaw gives you some great recommendations as well. VidPaw will post a series of articles according to different topics. You should pick up an appealing topic and look up the articles to discover more around the world.

Highlighted Features of VidPaw

Recently, VidPaw has been upgraded to a brand new site along with more great new features. If you’re new to VidPaw, you can check out its main features here and decide whether to get to it.

#1 Online Video Downloader

VidPaw was firstly known as an online video downloader that works for freely downloading videos from over 1,000 sites. You can search a video or paste a link of an online video to start downloading in a variety of formats with high quality. For YouTube videos, the fastest way is to change the URL, for example,

#2 YouTube to MP3 Downloader

Though there are a bunch of so-called YouTube Video Downloaders, few can help people convert and download YouTube videos in HD MP3 format. VidPaw actually does it for you. However, the converting time may vary in accordance with the duration of the video. If you want to convert some YouTube music videos to MP3, VidPaw must be your first choice.

#3 Stream Videos Online

From now on, VidPaw can stream videos online just as the way you watch videos on YouTube. Many users have reported this need for VidPaw and now it’s finally realized. Better yet, you can download the video while you’re watching it. Simply type in a query in VidPaw’s search bar, and then related videos will be located and shown in front of you.

#4 Exclusive Video Downloaders

VidPaw Video Downloader is able to help users download online videos from more than 1,000 sites. Most of the time, it’s the one and only downloader you need. However, there are also other exclusive downloaders available, such as Facebook Downloader, Instagram Downloader, Twitter downloader, and Subtitle Downloader. Normally speaking, the exclusive one runs more quicker.

#5 Free VidPaw Video Downloader App

VidPaw App eventually made its debut and is ready to meet you! This Video Downloader for Android makes it easy to enjoy and download YouTube videos for offline playback with ease. You just need to download VidPaw app here and get it started with your Android phone or tablet!

#6 Discover More Videos with a Topic

Except for the technical support, VidPaw also keeps enriching its content so as to help users explore more anticipating videos. There are nearly countless video resources, so it’s easy to miss out most of them. VidPaw collects some of the most appealing topics and publishes posts to let readers explore and discover more appealing videos.

#7 Use Without a Account

Many online services ask users to sign up for membership, which may lead to privacy disclosure. However, you don’t have to consider such a question on VidPaw, for VidPaw doesn’t require you to log in your account. You can actually use VidPaw freely.

[Solved] Questions You May Have

After reading so far, you may have some questions in your mind. It’s good to have questions. That’s why I present answers to some of the most asked questions here. Let’s get down to the followings.

Q1: Is VidPaw Safe?

People care a lot about device security. So does VidPaw. VidPaw is a 100% clean site without any bothering ads. VidPaw doesn’t recommend any software for users, so you don’t need to worry about any malware. Also, the tech team will run a regular test to make sure that the website and the app is completely safe to use.

Q2: Is VidPaw Free to Use?

I have been using VidPaw so far and never spend a penny. VidPaw is 100% free to use and will always be. There is no hidden fee that takes your money out of your pocket. What you should do is to fully enjoy yourself with VidPaw.

Q3: Why Should I Use VidPaw?

VidPaw enables users to freely download videos from 1,000 videos, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, NicoNico and so many others. Besides, users can download videos in optional formats: MP4, MP3, 3GP, WAV, M4A, WebM, and optional quality: 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K for videos while 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps for audios. Now, the online streaming feature makes VidPaw even more stand out from its competitors. Also, except for wonderful online services, VidPaw also sticks to providing great content through its blog or topic category.

How to Download Online Videos Through VidPaw? 

VidPaw is really an intuitive tool and easy to use for anyone. If you’re new to VidPaw, you can start with tutorials here.

# Download Online Videos on Desktop/Android

It’s same to download online videos through VidPaw web on Windows computers, Mac, and Android phones/tablets. You can directly download online videos in your browser without a hitch.

Step 1. Visit on your browser.

Step 2. Copy the link of online video and paste it in VidPaw’s search bar.

Note that you can directly insert a query and look for the related videos in VidPaw.

Step 3. Select the desired format and quality to download.

# Download Online Videos in iPhone/iPad

That can be a bit different compared to the steps above. iOS is a closed operating system and disallows users to download media files like videos and audios from its Safari. Therefore, you should resort to an extra app for help. 

Step 1. Download Documents app by Readdle at first.

Step 2. Go to in its built-in browser.

Step 3. Directly search for the video want to download or paste its link in VidPaw’s blank bar.

Step 4. Download the video in your selected quality and format.

# Download Online Videos via VidPaw App

VidPaw App for Android is compatible with all Android devices. You can download it from VidPaw official site or other trusted sources.

Step 1. Download and install VidPaw App on your Android.

Step 2. Open VidPaw app.

Step 3. Search for a video in VidPaw or paste the link in VidPaw.

Step 4. Choose the wanted quality and format when downloading the video.

VidPaw has been beefing itself up to present users with a better VidPaw. That’s also why I fall for it. Whether it’s as good as you expect, you try and it’ll tell.

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