Best First Steps in Starting Small Public Relation Service Business

Public relation service

Every major company and public figure has a public relation team, but you can aim for people who have smaller PR budgets by opening your own PR service business. If you start small, you may not be able to create huge exposure using connections to major media or massive mass media distribution and broadcast. However, you can start by help small and medium business’ promotion efforts, or promoting new musicians, bands and artists. Since the business deals with communication, information and interpersonal connections, you must start with the right steps to achieve success in this field.

What You Do in PR Service Business

Basically, when you are in PR service business, your main job is promoting your client, along with its activities, so the client gets much exposure and gains success through wide recognition. Small PR business usually aims for small business owners, aspiring artists, and people who just enter public service such as new politician. A PR business owner’s tasks therefore mainly include things such as:

  1. Creating high quality and creative promotional content that will create huge engagement and recognition.
  2. Deciding the best promotional platforms based on the client’s customer/follower base, promotional target, marketing demographic, and many other factors.
  3. Helping the client maintaining positive public image, especially after the client commits mistake that makes him or her gets criticized.
  4. Giving advises to client about the best ways to maintain to keep positive public image, especially in extraordinary situations.
    Whether you have small or big PR service business, you have the same responsibilities and tasks as a public relation service owner. Make sure to start the business right.

How to Start PR Service Business

Here are the first important steps to take when you are about to start PR service business:

  1. Form partnership with people who will be your creative team. It is difficult to start PR business yourself, because you must do administration, consultation, publication, content creation, social media management, and many other jobs that have different scopes. If you start with small capital, forming partnership is the most ideal option. Even if you have to hire one or two people, having partners will lessen the financial burden
  2. Collect testimonials by offering to promote local, small scale community events for small fee, or even free. Work hard to satisfy the clients and do not forget to ask for testimonials (with proofs such as photos) that will become your self-promotion tool.
  3. Connect with services such as graphic designer and printing business in your area. They are important for you to create promotional or publication materials. If you form good partnership, you can have bigger chance to get discounts and good prices.
  4. Do professional self-promotion. If you aim for PR service for business, your introduction should look professional instead of advertisement-like. One page formal introduction using fax is a great tool to promote your service to business owner.

If you are people person and have great communication and interpersonal skill, PR service business can be your career option, but make sure you are ready to do it by starting with the right steps.

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