Tips on Designing A Good Fashion Blog

There have been many people start to do blogging. Each of them has their own concept used in their blog. One of the most famous concepts is fashion. Like blogging, fashion itself is getting bigger and bigger from time to time. Some fashion lovers have created their own blog in order to share their fashion stories. If you also want to make one for yourself, we have some tips you might want to hear. These tips could help you out in designing a good fashion blog. So, check it out, fashionistas.

Fashionable Layout

Fashionable LayoutSince this all about fashion, we can make a blog that has such a fashionable layout. How to do that? Well, let’s start with the color. Fashion involves many colors, but we do not have to put so many of them here. We can actually follow the rule of seasonal color. As an example, we can choose light green and sky blue in spring or navy blue and white in winter. Using a pattern may give a beautiful effect. There are variants of pattern we can also add here. Yet, it is better to use one pattern at a time. We can change it by following the season too.

Enjoyable Text

Enjoyable TextWhen you want to write a text, just imagine that you are writing a fashion diary. We can share people what we are wearing at the moment. We may also give some suggestion what is the best to put on in a certain event. In addition, giving some tips on how to mix and match is a great thing to do. One thing to note here is do not write way too long. This is not an essay we are writing, but it is fashion story. Thus, just keep it simple and fun so people can enjoy reading it.

Pictures from Your Own

fashionSome blogs usually include pictures which do not belong to them. Those pics are usually taken from Google image. That is not a good thing to do. Not only is it not creative, but we might also have to deal with copyright issue. So, use your own picture. Since it is about fashion, take some pics of yourself wearing different cool outfits. That must be so fun. If you are lucky to get a chance to attend fashion week, you can shoot some pics of the runway models. Then, share it to your blog with a slight description about it like who the designers are and what the concept is.

That’s all you need to consider in designing a good fashion blog. Once you have made one, it is important to keep updating. We all know that fashion is always changing. By doing that, our visitors will not get bored with our blog.

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