We all have responsibilities in our lives and we strive hard to fulfill them. Life is a continuous struggle. Everyone wants to live peacefully, doing daily chores normally. But, sometimes you have to give priority to some tasks more than the others. You may have an unexpected expenditure and after spending you may not have enough money to pay your bills. That bill can be your monthly rent. After missing your monthly payment your landlord reserves the right to initiate the eviction process. It may be a burden on your heart but you have to tackle the situation wisely. You are not living in a stone age. It is the modern era with all the new ideas and technologies working in your favor.

Here are some ways to stop an eviction:

Seek Family Assistance:

You may ask any member in your family to pay your loan. You may feel shy and dejected. But, remember you are doing this for the sake of your family. You can pay this loan to your landlord to stop the eviction. After making payment to your land lord, you will feel less burdened. Now, you can take time to pay the loan back to the family member. Being a family member, he would realize your problem.

Pay In Installment:

Talk to your landlord. Ask him to pay in installments. Share your problem with him. If you have been good at making payment in the past, he would understand your situation.

Make A Promise To Pay Next Month:

Explain your financial crisis to your landlord. Ask him that you will pay full amount next month. Here, your reputation will work. If you have been true to your words, he would believe you. The next month, you can cut down the cost of living by making necessary payment only and pay to your land lord.

Avail Stop Eviction Service:

There are online services that help to stop the eviction. They are quite economical. You don’t even have to go out. Stay at your place and take help from them. There are local offline services as well. You can contact them through e-mail too. They can help you in stopping eviction for thirty days. Well, that’s not a bad idea!

File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

To file chapter 7 bankruptcy do this:

  • Hire a lawyer. It can cost around $1200.
  • Avail an online bankruptcy service. It may cost $250.
  • Make use of Bankruptcy software. It can cost $99.

These costs can just be a rough idea of how much you are going to spend if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Fix The Reason:

If you have been involved in any such activity that your landlord did not like, you can talk to the landlord about that. You may settle any dispute by talking to each other. Inform him that you will not do any such thing again.

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