5 Top and Amazing Technology Trends In 2018

Following the development of technology from time to time is always amusing. In the previous year, the market might be dominated by the coming of virtual reality or the debut of several tablets and smartphone. However, looking from the growth of sophisticating technology this year, there might be some shocking development, which you should know. in particular, this article will share you about the technology trends in 2018. Some of them are definitely will bring great change to human life.

1. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of AI is very challenging for almost all technology developer. As it related with the use of complex algorithms used by a machine, many people devoted their life in order to make better and better performance of AI. Besides that, the work of developing AI also needs more funding, this makes people become more careful. In this past years, the result is so amazing. Slowly but surely, AI starts to show its functional use on many platform, device, or even application. It is believed that the development of AI will become more and more advanced in 2018.

2. The upcoming of 5G

Even though the release and use of 4G is just started from some months ago, it does not mean that the development of this technology already achieved its highest point. Many developers are now working on making 5G network. Although 4G claimed to give any people satisfying result on using the internet, the 5G technology will have almost 10 times faster speed than the 4G. By that technology, it is possible for every people to have even better home internet service, which will put the ease of connected with other people from all over the world. Since the development of 5G is not such an easy thing to do, the 2018 year might not become the born time for this technology yet. A massive preparation for developer is needed to make this technology comes true. Hence, the news about the development of 5G might become one of the technology trends in 2018 , which will show up in every topic of many articles in all media. It is predicted that this technology will be ready at the end of next year.

3. Digital centralization

By the help of technology, people even more relying their life on the sophisticating devices in their life. On the past decades, there were already hundreds of device, whose function is to enable people in fulfilling their needs. Some of the examples are tablets, smartphones, smartTVs and many other appliances with ‘smart’ addition on it. Undoubtedly, their presence makes people’s work easier and more effective. Combined with the latest invention of smart speaker, people do not need to waste energy. They just need to speak what they want, then the smart appliance will do it. In this year, it is predicted that such devices will grow in numerous number and can be used by much more people. This condition will eventually lead people to have digital centralization. People will be able to manage anything through some devices with them as the central command.

4. The automation on jobs

Believe it or not, the technology trends in 2018 will also influence on many jobs. With more and more advanced technology, human role as a worker is possible to be replaced by machine. It is not just because machine is able to perform good work with never exhausted condition, but machine is so trustworthy as it can give precise outcome with the right algorithm. Some machines just needed to be filled with AI technology. this kind of possibility is what often called as white collar automation. Well, it might not affect all job aspects, as human consideration is still needed in many fields. However, the possibility is high that by the coming of these technologies, people will need to adapt their careers accordingly.

5. Flawless conversation

Looking back to some years ago, the finding of voice search is so amazing, that it captivated many people’s attention. After several years of using, people then realized that it still have some lacks. One of them is that it is not so reliable. In response to that, many developers are then making voice search better and better. As a result, this year we will be able to see the outcome of flawless voice search. The latest test, which is given by Microsoft, showed that the voice recognition software only had 5/1 percent of error rate. this result showed that this technology already have the ability to show better performance even better than what human transcriber can do. Following this development, the growth of chatbots as well as robotic speech is believed to become the technology trends in 2018. Through the development of voice search, the dream of having flawless conversation will come true. It is even possible to have good communication with devices in both ways; meaning that there will be no major hiccups or mistakes to worry.

Continuing the development of voice search, it will also affect the development of UI. As it is predicted that 2018 will become the major year of UI, the way people interact with devices or apps will be on effect as well. When the development of voice search already achieved its advanced level, then people will not need to look or touch the screen in order to input data. All we need is just giving command through our voice. For that reason, devices with desktop will become less and less used. On the contrary, mobile devices will be taking over slowly. At the same time, some types of visuals or even audible clues will grow rapidly for the next generation of UI.

All of those technology trends in 2018 might not be felt by all people all over the world at the same time. As the development of tech usually centered in big countries only, some of us might have the chance to feel it next year. However, it is still exciting to keep following these new technologies to start taking over the old one.

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