Things You Should Concern in Designing A Website

Web design is a common term where it is used to manage the look of a web page. People who do this job is responsible in making a web page to be interesting that can attract people who visit it. There are several tools used in this activity, including photoshop, illustratot, etc. A good web designing must be able to wow customers or clients, and that is not easy to do. We must know what things which could create that wow factor. In this article, we have mentioned several things to concern about web design.

Graph or Picture

The first thing we must look at is the graph. Graph or picture can be said as the most important part here. We can decide some elements like color, theme, or impression. It is crucial to note that graph cannot be exaggerated. If we have way too many pictures, it will slow down the upload process. Not to mention, the pics might make the site to be childish.


Layout is all about how we want the site to look like. In this case, the position of the content is the main concern. For example, we decide to put the text on the right and picture on the left, or otherwise. Furthermore, a website usually consists of a number of pages. Making each page with different layout can be troublesome. We do not say that it is forbidden, but do not make way too distinct. It will confuse people who see it. They can be different, but still have to be in one concept.


The purpose of navigation is to make our website to become easy to search around. This part includes contact, FAQ, about, etc. Without these things, visitors will know nothing about us. Consequently, they will get out of the site and never come back. That is probably the most unwanted thing to happen in any sites. Additionally, we must ease the customers in access term. It will make them to have a willing to use our website even more often.


Adverstisement in a website is not a new thing anymore. The purpose of including commercial is to gain additional profit. There is nothing wrong with it, but we must manage it well. If there are many of them in ours, people will be annoyed. So, is there any solutions for that? In our opinion, it is best to put the ads in the most ignored area. People will be able to look around our site peacefully by using that way.

There are still many other things to concern about web design. To illustrate, things like color, maintenance, content, or font cannot be ignored at all. To conclude, in order to produce one website with good visual, we must pay attention to every detail.

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