Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Fitness Trackers

Living in the city is great and all, but it comes with a certain disadvantage when it comes to physical activity. Most people living in a city, working a desk job simply cannot get enough physical activity in for the day. To help with this, nutritionists, certified dietitians, and trainers have devised the number of calories and physical activity you need on a daily basis relative to your own personal routine and body. Fitness tracker immensely help reach, maintain, and monitor these goals.

For city dwellers, since physical activity is not enough, it is a better option to get the most and also have to ability to monitor the same. Just to this effect, fitness and health trackers are becoming increasingly popular. With an activity tracker on your wrist, you get more than just the ability to monitor physical activity, it allows you the motivation for the same as well.

Tracking and monitoring your steady rise towards physical stardom has never been as easy before. Fitness trackers are easy to use, functional and can provide you with a lot of features, given how much money you have invested in your device.

There are a few good fitness trackers in the market that can provide you a lot in terms of functionality. The thing is good fitness trackers can be extremely expensive. There are a few trackers, namely the KoreTrak that has made headlines on being incredibly reasonable while providing top-notch features to go with. Investing in a tracker like so can prove to be better than investing in an expensive device with limited features. To learn more about KoreTrak, read KoreTrak review here.

Advantages of Using Fitness Trackers

  1. Accountability: Fitness trackers keep you on your toes about getting your daily physical activity in. You can push harder in your workouts and your fitness tracker will have all the information about the activity you just performed. Compete with your friends or simply go solo.
  2. Motivation: Fitness trackers also provide motivation. They can show you how many calories you burnt and how much progress you have made. Fitness trackers once paired with your mobile phone can also save this data which you can use for future reference.
  3. Setting goals: The best way to use a fitness tracker is to set fitness goals. These devices are great to track progress and maintain motivation. If you are trying to increase your stamina, or lose weight, fitness trackers give you the ability to track your progress. That way, you are moving forward with each day you spent exercising, and the data that shows for it, is visible on fitness tracker app.
  4. Monitoring sleep patterns: Fitness trackers also monitor sleep patterns. This allows you to understand at which point during the night your sleep is the deepest. This data allows you to make sure you get enough sleep at night, especially during the time it is deepest to have a clean, clear mood the next morning.
  5. Monitoring heart rate: Fitness tracker measure pulse and heart rate as well. This way, if you push yourself really hard, your fitness tracker will let you know. You can fix the intensity of your workout accordingly.
  6. Stay connected: Some fitness trackers come with WiFi and Bluetooth equipped and allow you to take incoming calls, manage messages and notifications without whipping out your phone all the time.

Disadvantages of Fitness Trackers

  1. Expensive: Fitness trackers are notoriously expensive and a basic device with limited features can cost you a lot of money.
  2. Battery Life: When it comes to battery, most fitness trackers come with a limited battery life. A basic tracker can run for only a few hours on a full charge. Since trackers need to be small, handy, and comfortable, they are made smaller in size, which means a smaller battery inside and less battery life.
  3. Accuracy: Most trackers cannot provide 100% accurate data. This data is more or less a representation and an estimate of whatever activity you did. For example, some trackers might even receive data of you walking or running while you were simply climbing a few steps or walking quickly. You simply cannot fully rely on these devices. However, there are fitness trackers that use incredibly modern technology to accurately provide you data regarding your physical activity.

These are the advantages and the disadvantages of using fitness trackers. Fitness trackers though not very accurate and incredibly expensive, can be really useful and provide you a lot in terms of motivation and tangible progress if you are getting into physical activity.

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