Best Android Widgets for Improving Home Screen

It is normal if people want to get the best support from their Android smartphone. There is great reason which makes Android smart phone is getting very popular recently. Of course the biggest reason can be found from the fact that they can customize it according to their need and expectation. Even the simplest thing such as the home screen can be enhanced for improving its function. People can use some widgets for Android which can be useful for improving the home screen and of course improving the performance of the gadgets. They will be able to have the chosen shortcuts as well as information at the fingertips. Of course people should choose wisely but here are the best widgets which can be chosen for this purpose.

Transparent Clock & Weather

Transparent Clock & WeatherIf people are looking for the best weather widget, Transparent Clock & Weather must be one of the best options which can be found. It comes with the useful intuitive weather information but people can see that it is more than just weather apps. There are various widgets which can be found in this app including the widget which will display the internal system information like Wi-Fi status or remaining storage space in the microSD card. People can use it for its weather feature only for getting the best looking and most approachable widget for weather.

Elixir 2

Elixir 2If people are looking for the best widget for system monitoring, it is sure that Elixir 2 can be a great option because it comes with staggering customization scale. The widget comes with various sizes and of course people will be able to get information about the device from the temperature of CPU to RAM amount in use. People will not find that this is the widget with beautiful appearance or fast set up but it is surely can be the best option which people can choose.





SliderSlider can be considered as the best widget for volume control. People really need this widget because it allows user for adjusting the individual volume for various functions including system sounds, multimedia, and calls. It is not the only great support which can be found because they will also be able to control the brightness of the screen and customize the color selectors. It comes with small package but people will be able to control many things in the smart phone with the most modern display which comes with more than five inches size.

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