Things to consider while selling an old car

A majority of people think it is very easy to sell off an old car, especially when they are looking for a little bit of money. The truth is that if you are not careful during your car selling process, it can get so complicated that you will soon be wondering if you can even get it done for free. However, there are a number of which by which you can sell off your old car and grab a very profitable deal for yourself, without any trouble.

Consider the following methods while selling your old/used car:


Hiring a car removal service

This is a very convenient and easy way to get rid of your old or used car for instant money. It is being practised by a lot of people nowadays around the world. You will find many good scrap car removals in Auckland for very reasonable tariffs. They don’t think about the model, year or brand of your car. They are known by a number of names like, towing companies, auto salvages, car wreckers, car removers, cash for car companies, etc.

You can call them anything you like, but their process is very simple and fast. You just need to search for a good company in your area. You can take the help of your relatives and do some research yourself over the internet for that. Once you have decided to go with a particular company, just call them or visit their website to book with them.

After that, they will send a professional team of staff at your location and conduct a full inspection of your car before they offer you a free quote. Their quote depends upon a number of things like, the overall condition of your car, condition of its spare parts, etc. Once you accept their quote, the next thing they will do is offer you a free service of towing your car away and pay you your promised amount. As simple as that.


Selling your car on your own

This is the most profitable way to sell your old car. You can easily get the maximum value for it. But this process requires more efforts, patience and time before you come across an ideal buyer for your car. If done correctly, by this process you can get twice the amount you can get from a car removal service.

It is a great idea to post an online ad for your car. There are many websites these days where you can post such ads. While doing so, make sure you don’t overstate the condition of your car. You can use terms like, ‘as is where is’ or car for sale ‘as wrecking’ to aware potential buyers what they are in for. You can surely put a high price, because anyhow, the buyers negotiate a lot.


In the case of an unregistered car

If you are planning to sell away an unregistered car, there is a good news that you won’t require a safety certificate, as long as the buyer is allowed to inspect the car, they are free to decide whether they want to buy it or not. You just need to prepare some kind of paperwork for the record purpose.

You can use a simple contract which should include the following:

  1. Buyer’s and seller’s signatures
  2. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)/Chassis Number/Engine Number
  3. Make and model of the car
  4. Date of sale

Each party needs to have a signed record. That’s it.


Choose wisely which method is the most appropriate for you. A car removal company is best for those who are looking for fast cash and convenience. But, it is a good idea to sell it on your own if you want a very good amount.

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