Top 7 live engagement trends for delivering a better customer experience

Customer experience is remodeling and live chat engagement is gaining momentum. Visual interaction has become very important to understand customer conversations and develop an emotional connection. Having meaningful customer conversations increase engagement and provide useful insights into customer behavior. They greatly impact your brand and never fail to deliver value to your customers.

Importance of live engagement tools

We are witnessing the rising importance of customer engagement emphasized by the growing need of improving customer journeys across various channels. Customers prefer visual engagement to connect and communicate with the support agent who can express empathy and resolve their problems in real-time. Thus live engagement with visual technology such as co-browsing and video chat plays an important role.

Live engagement tools map your customer’s journey and help you to know where visual engagement is needed to reduce the complexities of the customer.

So, this is how and why that live chat engagement improves your business and increase its effectiveness.

  • Instant resolution of customer queries and problems
  • Increases the chances of sales conversion
  • Live chat is convenient and preferred by the customers

Top 7 Live Engagement trends for Better Customer Experience

1. Live chat and video chat for complete customer engagement

Live chat Software helps you to interact with your website visitors and customers in real-time on your website and apps. You can deliver a better-personalized experience with the video chat feature. There is no need of plugin download.

For example – Live engagement with live chat and video chat tools can help the sales agent to deliver clear product understanding to the customer. It can convince the customer and there are higher chances of sales conversion. It also provides real-time sales assistance to your website visitors for completing a transaction or filling up form.

With the implementation of the live chat tools, you also help customers to resolve the problems they are facing with the product in real-time making it a better customer experience.

2. Co-browsing and screen sharing

Co-Browsing refers to simultaneous browsing of the same web page by the company agent and the customer in a real-time scenario. The co-browsing solution comprises the advanced WebRTC technology that allows a seamless peer to peer communication and effective engagement. It also aids complete live chat engagement between the agent and the customer allowing simultaneous video chat and live chat for customer service.

Co-browsing helps to support customers virtually and solve their issues without asking them to move to a different tool.

Screen sharing also resolve issues in real-time, making it perfect recommendation for the technical support executives and sales teams. Using screen sharing tool saves a lot of time, energy and gets the work done more efficiently.

The support agents can click the “use the view and show mode” on screen sharing and instantly resolve customer issues by shifting from screen to screen.

3. Adopt omnichannel strategy

Communication by social media is in vogue. Customers prefer different channels to communicate with your business. So, many companies are investing in different social media channels such as email, phone, chat, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Telegram to connect with the customers.

Unifying the customer information and messages across various channels to deliver complete real-time engagement and a better omnichannel experience. Efficiently managing all the conversations from one place so as to be available to the customers where they are.

Combing all the support channels opens unique opportunity to address each customer:

  • A high business performance with on the go customer service
  • Providing real-time assistance via voice and video chat
  • Gain  in-depth insights into the customer profile
  • Make availability across various channels

4. Artificial intelligence for customer service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses worldwide, along with customer service. With the acceleration of digital channels and the advancement of AI and machine learning technology, the predictive analysis ability has enhanced. This ability helps to predict the correct answer to the customer’s query in any digital channel — email, SMS, chat, or social.

With this technological advancement, the agents do not have to look for answers or categorizing conversations. They only have to click “approve” or “personalize” on the predicted responses. AI technology will also automatically tag and categorize posts, saving more time of the agents.

These customer support solutions will develop empathy of agents with the efficiency of bots, for AI-assisted conversations that showcase the product or brand details also adding the personalization of a human touch.

5. Visitor analytics tools to gain customer insights

Gartner reports say, “By 2018 50% of agent interactions will be influenced by real-time analytics.”

You can unveil critical business insights and gain a competitive edge with the help of advanced data analytics tools. The latest customer experience is more focused on personalization and being more predictive.

The avant-grade data analytics tool can make predictions, or generate recommendations based on customer information collected. It gives support agents and the bots more background and context on each individual customer they are servicing.

Visitor analytics plays a major role in increasing productivity. Get real-time insights and website journey about your website visitors to help your team members have better conversations.

6. Personalization

The concept of personalization is an evergreen trend in customer service. Many companies adopt this concept to entice consumers to purchase products and services with personalized offers.

Knowing the customer requirements and offering personalized customer service to them provides maximum satisfaction to your customers. It also helps to retain your customers in different ways such as:

  • Engage with customers giving a  personal touch
  • Learn customer interests
  • Know their requirements
  • Use customer’s name while conversing with him

7. Priority to first contact resolution (FCR)

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is the resolution rate of requests on the first contact by providing quick feasible solutions, waiving out the need to make contact again by the customer. The organizations that have high FCR undoubtedly have a high customer satisfaction level.

By adopting various ways to achieve first call resolution combing live chat helps to deliver complete customer engagement.

  • Routing chats requests to respective departments.
  • Prepare canned responses for common customer queries.
  • Set realistic customer expectations – use queue time
  • Customize live chat with appropriate messages.


Managing how to engage your website visitors and customers is the universal requirement in order to be successful. Companies should integrate live engagement tools into their customer service and sales strategy for delivering a better customer experience. Overall a better customer experience motivates customers to spend more time in your website, return back and refer to friends which helps in future sales.

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