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At present, most of the people are spending couple of hours on online every day. Many people are willing to spend much time by using the internet and also it is much essential that all the online users have accurate knowledge of how to keep their personal information safe while they are using the internet. With the advancement of internet technology, the online fake ID can have very severe consequences for sufferers, so avoid becoming a loser is a must one. Moreover, the online identity theft can also lead to bank fraud that is now on-going issues credit such as loans, new credit card, mortgages and also a new contract for your cell phone.

Useful tips to support you to stay safe on online

If you are a frequent online user, below are some of the useful tips to help you to stay safe on the internet that includes:

Learn to predict the spam emails

At present, one of the main risks to personal information that the online users face on a daily basis is phishing emails. Actually, these are fake emails that specially designed to view as that they come from a legal source such as PayPal account, bank or building society. They will frequently talk you about the security transaction that you do not know on and also give you some link to click on for signing up, so that you can check the transaction or give your details.

During this process, you can easily identify whether it is authenticate or phishing email by looking carefully in checking the grammar, poor spelling and also unfamiliar writing style. Thus, it is always the best to log into your accounts by just opening a new tab and then go to a legitimate site via a search engine like Google.

Set the strong passwords

If you have maintained the larger number of online accounts, you could not select the same password for every online account. This means that, if a hacker discovers your log in details for any negligible account like a chat forum, they might be easily identify your password and also able to use it perfectly the same password to log in to some of your most important online accounts.

In order to safeguard your online accounts, you can utilize the different set of passwords and also make sure to use a strong password. However, the strong password includes lowercase and uppercase letters as well as use numbers. You can also ensure that your password is not available on any list of general passwords and also do not use a word that can be easily guessed by anyone who well knows about your life such as name of your pet, favourite name or football team. If the account provider allows it, you should be strengthening your password by just adding a symbol like #.

Be safe on social media sites

In these days, many people are spending most of their leisure time on social media websites. So, it is very essential that you remain attentive, while using all social media states. This is because; they can provide simple pickings for those who are after your details. For instance, giving your date of birth off of your profile can allow the fraudsters to get permit to some of your online accounts; because date of birth is frequently used as a common security question on many of the social media websites.

Also, you would never post any of your personal information such as mobile number, address and also be careful on your personal photos that you are capturing and can be used to get personal information about you. Even the photo contains a lot of essential information that the criminals can use to steal your identity.

Be secure from hackers and spyware

When you use the internet, you can make sure that your entire online devices have up-to-date online security software and also you are using it as directed. If you have updated security software on your laptop or desktop, it might detect the offensive programmes such as spyware. Also, this software will be useless, if you do not run it regularly and check for possible issues and updates.

Furthermore, you can also ensure your Wi-Fi password is highly secured and it cannot be easily guessed by someone. Usually, the unauthorized parties can easily get access to your Wi-Fi and can easily compromise your internet security. If you have any problems, you can immediately contact your provider.

Protect yourself from online purchases

If you are planning to make a transaction with any company, you must check online to see whether it is a reliable and trusted online portal to shop and maintain a safe payment mode. If it is unsafe, you should immediately contact bank’s fraud prevention department and then prevent your payment.

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