The Top Commercial Security Systems of 2022

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In a world where more and more cybercriminals are going to extremes to steal sensitive information from companies, it’s important for any business owner to make sure they’ve got a strong enough commercial security system in place. Generally speaking, the safety of most people’s personal data is directly related to their financial situation at the time. If they can’t afford better protection, then that’s what they get. It’s like with anything else; if you’re not willing to pay more for the best product, there’s always something cheaper you can buy.

The following are the top commercial security systems of 2022:

1) Biometric Authentication

For years, people have been using passwords to protect their online accounts. But because passwords are based on what people can remember, they’re very easy for hackers to crack. Biometric authentication is the latest in security systems that rely on distinctive human traits like fingerprints or facial features instead of codes. It’s essentially foolproof because it’s next to impossible to replicate a person’s physical characteristics. Using fingerprint or facial recognition will make it far more difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to login information.

2) The “Firewall” of the Future

Since hackers have gotten quite savvy at getting around firewalls, experts predict that by 2022 companies will be using artificial intelligence (AI) as their main security systems. They will essentially train the AI to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and malware that could compromise their networks. It works by constantly monitoring company data and looking for anything unusual in terms of bulk data transfers, attempts at remote logins, and exceedingly large files being downloaded or uploaded.

3) Virtual Security Guards

There’s a lot of truth to the old adage that there’s safety in numbers. With virtual security guards, companies can vastly improve their safety by spreading out their information security infrastructure so that they’re able to handle more than one attack at a time without crashing. This means they’ll be able to manage all kinds of cyber threats better and simultaneously monitor suspicious behaviour on multiple fronts.

4) Converged Data Storage

Another way companies can protect their sensitive information is by using what’s called converged data storage. Basically, this involves getting rid of the idea that all-important company data needs to be stored on-site or in one central location. Instead, it should be distributed among multiple servers and even different geographic locations. That way, it’s virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to all of a company’s critical data in one fell swoop.

5) Robotic Security Guards

It’s not so much a singular technology as it is a combination of many technologies working in concert to keep hackers at bay. The robot uses data analytics and machine learning to constantly monitor all sorts of sensitive information to catch and stop any suspicious activity occurring in real-time. It also considers external environmental factors like weather or seismic activity that could potentially threaten its own operation.

6) Onion Routing

This highly secure system is used to protect against network surveillance, which is a chief concern for most companies. Instead of passing all data through one point, onion routing uses multiple layers of servers that encrypt company information before sending it on to its final destination. Each layer decrypts only enough information for them to know where to send the data next. So even if a cybercriminal were to intercept a company’s information, it would be useless since they wouldn’t have access to each layer of encryption.

7) Quantum Cryptography

While this technology has been around for a few decades now, experts predict that quantum cryptography will be one of the most secure systems available within the next five years. It’s based on the security of quantum physics and works by constantly looking for any changes in the environment that could pose a threat to data safety. Using quantum cryptography, companies can protect messages and information by essentially locking it up and throwing away the key until authorized personnel comes along with the right password or decryption key to unlock it.

The future of commercial security systems is looking bright. With experts predicting that all these technologies will be in use by 2022, companies can rest assured knowing they’ll have the protection they need against cybercriminals. Whether you’re interested in firewalls, virtual security guards, or converged data storage, there’s a technology out there for every budget and company size to promote safety and success.

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