IP Telephone System – The Modern-Day Telephones in Kenya

When it comes to the communication device, analog phones are just out of the league now. In the modern-day, Voice-Over IP Phones or VoIP Telephones for Business are the ones that will change the game. So, what is the difference between traditional phones and IP phones then?

The main difference between those two is that IP phones incorporate a TCP/IP network to connect while the traditional ones still use analog lines to manage the whole process. On the other hand, IP phones allow users to use the same corporate network for data and telephony.

This telecommunication solution is supplied by VDS. The company provides the VoIP with various brands that will match the requirements of every user. So, if you are living in Kenya, you should give this company a call and get the IP phones that suit your needs.

So, what is the IP Phone?

IP Phones

IP Phones are the device that will allow users to make the transmission of voice over the internet. There are various types of IP Phones available on the market but the best one is called the Grand Stream PBX. IP Phones will do their best when you have a high speed of internet connectivity without any fluctuation during the process. All IP Phones work the same from one another but the only difference here is each brand has different marketing strategies.

Why IP Phones

We can say that incorporating Business IP Telephone System is a significant change considering it gives eases within the organization. However, if you ask us what is the best IP Phone for business, the answer might be a bit complicated. We will explain to you about each brand of IP Phones in another paragraph.

Who Should Buy IP Phones?

A big corporation should purchase IP Phones for the business considering telecommunication is one of the biggest parts. Small companies can also purchase this product to make a better communication procedure.

IP PBX System

The IP PBX system is a telephone system within a company that significantly switches any calls between VoIP users and local lines while allowing customers external phone lines at the same time. The traditional system allows switching calls between traditional phone users and VoIP users. NEC PABX System would be an economical choice for those who have a big corporation.

AVAYA IP PBX Telephone System

When it comes to the IP PBX telephone system, AVAYA is the most popular brand. AVAYA IP 500 telephone system is suitable for office phones and specifically made for small business. The price is very affordable for small enterprises. Later when the business has grown, some additional features can be purchased to extend the functions of the phone. It makes the IP500 from AVAYA the lowest telephone system for the corporation on the market.

Cisco Phone System

If you are looking for a business phone to converge data networks and voice while retaining user-friendliness and convenience, Cisco can help you with that. Cisco Unified IP Phones helps to improve productivity by fulfilling the needs of each user in the whole company. Besides better and faster communication, Cisco also offers better calls and messages management.

Yeastar IP PBX Telephone System

The next name on the list is Yeastar MyPBX. This one is also a powerful unit for small- and medium-sized companies. It supports GSM lines for both analog public and internal connections. You do not need to purchase additional licenses to upgrade the features considering all features are up-to-date.

Panasonic PABX System

Panasonic brand has a huge market share in the telephone system business. This thing could happen because the brand can cover all needs from small to large systems needed by all types of companies. Also, it maintains various good things such as easy to use, innovative and flexible design. In the end, this brand could deliver the solution for both simple and complex issues. On the other hand, the price offered is competitive.

Dlink IP PBX Phone System

If you are looking for something more flexible to deploy your telephony solution, Dlink could help you with that. The system would work best both for business and home office. For the best practice, you can pair the system with a business application environment.

Grandstream PBX

Grandstream is another popular brand on the market. The brand is powered by an advanced platform of hardware build with robust system resources. It offers versatility and solution for telecommunication solution for your business. This is just several brands of IP phones on the market but can be considered as the best ones after all.

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