Why do you Need SEO Training for Your Business

Do you think that the game of search engine optimization has been changed in 2019? If your answer is yes, you are absolutely right. Many SEO practitioners and analysts have confirmed that the process of search engine optimization is more critical as compared to the past.

Let’s discuss Google. The famous search engine Google is releasing new updates with the passage of time. The updates “hummingbird” and now BERT has changed the game totally. People who were relying on pure white hat practices have won the game and their websites are ranked higher on the SERP results.

Now the quality of your content should be high and you should publish the content for the users only. People who were publishing the copied and spun content might have to face some severe penalties. Moreover, extra keyword stuffing and irrelevant content would not work for your website anymore. So, if you are still focusing on these practices then you need to change yourself.

The need for SEO Training

SEO is tough and critical for the people now, especially for the beginners and newbies. Wrong or black hat practices can penalize your website. Moreover, these penalties are very hard to recover now.  

Linkio is a tool that helps SEOs and digital marketers with their outreach campaigns by suggesting and giving the best anchor text percentage in order to get beyond their competitors in a fast time. You will see the rankings and organic traffic boost up by following their steps.

It is a better approach to attend SEO training before you are going to apply them on your websites. Here, I would like to mention ITHeight who is conducting top-notch and researched based SEO training in Lahore. So, if you are looking to attend training online that would be the best option for you. Don’t worry about the training fee as this institute is offering the courses at very economical prices. A good training institute can guide you about

  • The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
  • Basic to Advanced keyword research
  • Content Writing Skills
  • Ways of Natural Link Building
  • Updates about the latest algorithms

Students, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and IT graduates can attend this training to enhance their skills. Although, different people have different goals. Like one person wants to learn these skills for a better job opportunity. While the second person wants to rank his/her e-commerce website. So, your goals may vary but the destination is only one. That is “getting good positions on search engines for your desired keywords”.

Also, never underestimate the power of social media marketing. It can provide a good boost to your business. People are advertising on famous social networking websites including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for different purposes. A good social signal is also better for your website as it can give you more conversions and better search engine rankings. Collectively they are called digital marketing that includes both search engine optimization and social media marketing. In 2019, the importance of digital marketing has been increased to a great extent and it will keep on improving with the passage of time. So, focus on digital marketing along with offline marketing.

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