Things to Know Before Buying the Perfect Awnings for Your Backyard

Lately awnings have become the new trend in the market with more and more homeowners choosing to install Rollac open-style awnings in their homes. Awnings are very beneficial for homes because they can offer an exciting outdoor experience for you and your family or house guests. Homeowners can transform their unused outdoor space by using awnings and turn this underutilized area into a dining space or an outdoor entertainment spot.

Having awnings allow you to enjoy your favorite hot cup of joe or tea outside even on a rainy day.  Awnings in your backyard can make your outdoor experience all the more inviting and entertaining for everyone.. So if you’re looking to buy beautiful awnings for your backyard keep reading to learn more about some of the key features to keep in mind:

The Type of Material

Choosing the right kind of awning material is important because different materials require different types of maintenance needs. Also, diverse awning materials will give a different look and feel compared to other certain materials. Be sure to keep in mind the aesthetic you are looking to achieve based on the materials.The two most common types of awning materials are outdoor fabric and aluminum. Speaking of outdoor fabric, you will also have a range of colors to choose from, but the only setback is that these require higher maintenance than aluminum blinds.

Aluminum blinds, on the other hand, don’t allow for much customization when it comes to design and colors. But on the plus side, they are very sturdy and can stand the test of time.

It’s All About the Right Angle Correct

Generally people tend to neglect the angle of the awning. However, getting an awning with the perfect angle is important to maximize its overall performance.

For instance the windows facing east or west are recommended to have a size drop of about 65 to 75 percent for ideal performance. If you have a south-facing window, you can have the drop as low as 45 to 60 percent because you don’t need much coverage due to the angle of the sun.

The Type of Awning

The type of awning you choose is an important point to consider. If you want to install controllable awnings, then roll up and retractable awnings are your options. These awnings will allow you to gain maximum natural sunlight during winter if that’s what you prefer.

On the other hand, retractable awnings are more appropriate to cover patios or deck. You have the liberty to adjust them when they are not in use. Since retractable awnings use motors and switches, they are very easy to manage. Various advanced models of retractable awnings have automatic sun and wind sensors so every time the weather changes, you don’t need to fidget with it to get the desired shade.

Keep in mind that retractable awnings cannot generally withstand bad weather conditions such as heavy rains and high winds or snow. So when you come across bad weather, you can retract these awnings to keep them from damaging.

As the name suggests freestanding awnings are typically used for patios, decks, or terraces. These awnings are a great way to designate a separate area in your backyard for an event involving BBQ parties, dinners, etc. Additionally, freestanding awnings are also used by businesses as they can be doubled up as an advertisement.

Choose the Correct Size

The size of the awning will depend on the purpose of installing it or the size of your background. A small awning can be used as a decorative piece. Such awnings can grace your porch door, backyard doors, or even your window gallery.

Similarly, you can get bigger awnings if you want greater coverage and more shade to your backyard space.

Color Does Indeed Matter

Choosing the right color for your awning is also very important. The color of your awning can define the overall look and feel of your backyard. If you choose brightly-hued awnings, your backyard will reflect sunlight, regulate the temperature, and beautify the ambiance of your yard.

The simplest way to choose the color of your awning is by thinking about what compliments the overall look of the exteriors and interiors of your home.After considering all the given factors, take a close look at what’s available on the market. After your research, you’ll know just the type of awning that will best suit your requirements. To learn more about the different types of awnings, check out the Rollac and enjoy an endless and exciting outdoor experience by getting perfect awnings for your space.

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