Do You Need Branding as a Freelancer?

The importance of branding a business is no secret, but what if you are your business? Do freelancers need branding to be successful?

Whether you’re selling a physical product, or providing a service, being a freelancer means being able to showcase and sell your skills. You might make a living through commissioned paintings, web design, freelance writing or gardening; but whatever you do, the fact remains – your freelance business needs branding.

Not sure how to brand your freelance business? Here are four tips to help you win over your clients and stand out from the competition.


Brand Your Website

Every freelancer needs a website, whether they work online or offline. Having an Internet presence shows that you take your work seriously and means you are easy to contact. It’s important to create a website with your contact details and examples of your work so clients can find you, but if your website doesn’t stand out, then you could be losing out to other freelancers in your field.

Branding a website is hard, and you may need the help of a web development agency like Eventige to help you get noticed. However, investing in a professional website will pay off for years to come. Remember: your website is the storefront of your freelance business.


Create a Logo

Yes, even freelancers need logos. A logo makes you appear like a business owner, rather than a side hustler with minimal experience. It says you’re serious about what you do, which builds trust in your business. You can use your logo, slogan, and color scheme across all your promotional materials and blog posts, and perhaps even an email signature so your clients remember you. The key here is consistency. The more consistent your branding, the more credible your business appears.


Use a Professional Photo

The photograph in your website bio and on your social media pages is your chance to show people the face behind the business. Whatever your trade, whether you’re a marketing expert or a cupcake baker, you need to show yourself in a professional light. It helps to take a photo of yourself on the job so your clients can envision you working on their projects, but make you face the camera with a smile and dress presentably.


Develop an Authentic Voice

Written content should be used on your website, social media profiles and any other content marketing you publish. Therefore, it’s important to make your point clearly and in an authentic voice that helps you stand out. For instance, if you specialize in comedy writing, you may want to adopt a humorous, chatty tone and use bright images to reflect your style.

Branding may sound complex, but it comes down to the attributes that make you (and your freelance business) unique. What are you selling that sets you above your competitors? You probably know already, but your job as a freelancer is to communicate that to prospective clients. A freelance entrepreneur needs to pinpoint his or her strong points and use them to build a brand.

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