The Reasons You Should Use Real-Time GPS Tracker

Today, many Smartphone products have a GPS tracking system. It is a useful feature that allows you to know where your exact location or your Smartphone location is if it is missing or stolen. However, there is one weakness on the Smartphone GPS. It can only work if there is a network connection. In case of an emergency, where you are lost in the location without an internet signal, you will be in trouble. Therefore, a real-time GPS tracker, like GoFindMe is necessary.

The Real-Time GPS Tracker Advantages

Maybe, you see GPS tracker as an additional and unimportant tool. However, if you love outdoor activities, like hiking, hunting or camping, this device will give you a lot of benefits. What kind of benefits you can get from it?

It doesn’t need internet network

Not all GPS tracker has this benefit. But, these days, you can find the GPS tracker device that uses different technology to provide the location tracking functions without depending on network or Wi-Fi connection. This kind of GPS tracker will always send the signal in real-time, so if you get lost, other people can easily track and find out your location, as well as the previous route you’ve taken.

Real-time tracking

The real-time tracking is another great benefit you can get from this device. It means it will tell others your location continuously. When an accident is happening, it can easily send a sign to others to ask for help. This will increase the chance of a successful rescue process. It means it can protect your life better.

All tracker devices like this also have an emergency button for asking for help. With just one push, the device will send the signal and asking for help from others. This is one of the best features you can find in this device.

There are many conditions where you can’t use your phone or you can only move your finger. For example, if you accidentally fall from a cliff and have broken back or legs. You can use this emergency button to request help from the rescue team. And, you can use it easily.

A battery that lasts longer

A personal tracker uses its battery for its GPS tracking function. Compared to the Smartphone with GPS feature, the battery in Smartphone is also used for other function of that phone. So, if you are looking at how long the battery can survive, the tracker is much longer.

For Smartphone, you may be able to continuously activate the GPS tracking for 24 hours at most. Maybe, it is even shorter than that because you also use it for communication and other purposes. However, a GPS tracker can activate its tracking feature for at least 72 hours. If you get lost, that will be enough for the rescue team to get to your location.

High durability

The GPS tracker originally is designed for outdoor activity. Therefore, compared to a Smartphone, this device has better durability. It is also equipped with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and other features that protect it from harsh conditions outside your house.


The device’s price is way lower than the mobile phone with the latest GPS technology. It means you can save more money to get the device that can save your life. And, that’s not all. The GPS tracker that doesn’t require network connection also is way cheaper. You don’t need to pay extra fee for the SIM card and subscription. You just need to pay once when you buy the device. And, you don’t need to spend more money later.


Even though we said that the device is designed for outdoor activity, the reality isn’t just like that. This device also can be used for many purposes, such as tracking your kid’s location. Or, you also can attach it on your dog collar to find out your pet location, if it escapes from your house. This device is also useful for caring for the elderly.

Safe Zone feature

This one is another great feature on a GPS device. In short, this feature allows you to set the safe zone for you and your group. And, when one of the team member that’s also carrying the GPS tracker leave that safe zone, the device will give you a notification and show the tracking route of that member.


The real-time GPS tracker is a crucial tool for outdoor activity. Find one that has the best feature and performance, like GoFindMe. Using the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee like this can provide the best protection when you go adventure.

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