Consolidate Your Digital Tools and Data for More Productivity

How many devices and separate systems are you relying on to run the business management, accounting, inventory and note-taking applications you count on to get the job done day in and day out?

Consider what you’re likely keeping track of; personal and business phones, tablet, laptop, PC — each running a suite of apps or accessing a different set of portals that keep your team running at full speed, clients happy, important notes recorded and schedules updated. This isn’t just distracting; it can be catastrophic if the machine, portal or database you need most isn’t readily available or passwords are forgotten.

Consolidate Digital Tools and Make Business Run Smoother

Why not consolidate as many of your essential apps as possible into one platform? Even better, how about built-in redundancy across all your network-connected devices? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can implement digital tool consolidation to increase productivity, simplify processes and make your workflow smoother.

Innovative, new tech is making it easier for managers and business owners to handle everything from the cloud:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting

But it can get even better than that.

Consolidate Mission Critical Digital Tools Using the Cloud

The advent of the cloud-based platform era is making running and managing a business more streamlined and easier than ever before. Although these platforms are all excellent services for business owners, it also means that you need to deal with many different portal logins, each with its own unique user interface resulting in poor cross-functionality between the various digital tools you rely on. It’s time to simplify the process.

Here is where platform consolidation shines. Take all of these crucial systems and tools, and integrate them into one hub to improve your workflow and encourage more employee engagement. Consolidate all your systems under one login and one user interface to eliminate time wasted logging off one system and on to another.

Consolidating with Your Smartphone

Productivity is where the smartphone rules. Get yourself a stylus-optimized phone and add apps to turn your phone into a portable productivity and communications hub that’s always within reach. Here are the best, stylus-equipped smartphones for note-taking, editing documents and whatever else work throws at you:

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 features the Samsung S Pen; you can take notes without unlocking your screen, write messages and even make your own GIFs. You’ll also have more screen to work with and less device to hold with an 83 percent screen-to-body ratio that makes it easier on your eyes.

Or try the LG Stylo 2 Cricket with the perfect combination of features for creatives. It’s great for pros that need a device that lets them design and decorate to the limits of their imagination. Use the LG Stylo 2 Cricket to make the most of inspiration wherever it strikes.

Cloud Sync Your Phone Apps

Are you using the same app on your personal and business phones and having trouble making the data match up? When you need to share apps between phones, sync them with the cloud.

Regardless if it’s Google DriveDropbox or iCloud, try hosting important documents and data somewhere else, so your smartphone is only a window to critical data and not the host.


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