Simple Tips to Open an Online Store

One of the biggest obstacles faced by many start-ups or even the owners of the business is the unfamiliarity with the process of “how to open an online store”. So, if you too are looking for steps to open an online store, here are the easy steps to incorporate that.

1.Decide what product to sell

The first and foremost thing that should be taken into consideration before opening an online store is the range of products you are going to sell online. Whatever is your choice, make sure you’re passionate about it and know the things in detail. To open an online, you will be working with these products on regular basis. So consider this choice very careful thinking of your interest and its future prospects as well.  Also, if the products are not available on hand, you can consider the option of drop-shipping providers. It allows you to make your pick from their list of products and then conveniently sell them on your site.

2. The business plan

Before deciding upon entering into any business, it is suggested to decide upon the business plan. In simple terms, if it is to be explained, the business plan is very significant to develop the roadmap and the framework which is necessary for establishing a business. As long as, it’s about the online business, apart from the niche, the plan should constitute of the approaches of financing, marketing, as well as of advertising.

3. Choose a suitable e-commerce solution

Now the next step is to choose the e-commerce solution for your online store. To open an online store it is essential to choose the e-commerce solution based on the level of expertise and budget of the “entrepreneur”. This is the only way to decide which solution is ideal for your store.


This e-commerce solution is where the website is housed on these servers. They provide with the web-based software to even develop and power the online store as well.

Ideal for: this e-commerce solution is ideal for the newbie in site building.


These solutions are considered as “out of the box” solutions as the user have to install it onto the computer. It is quite different from hosted solution as in this the user is on his own in finding the hosting and security protections for the online store.

Ideal for: this is quite tricky and hence is ideal for users with professional expertise or good knowledge of site building.

  3…Open source

These are considered as the ideal solutions for many as they are a free to download that allows the users to build the site from the very scratch. This is quite a preferred option by many top-notch business houses as well.

Ideal for: Professional expertise is a must as the solution, on one hand, allows full customization but on the other hand require expert programming skills for configuration as well.

4. Start building the online store

Now it’s time to commence the process of building the store. Whichever solution you have chosen from the above, now is the time to learn about it in detail. Start setting up important web pages like the homepage of the online store along with product pages, category pages, content pages and more. While their development, always considers branding and designing concurrently as they are very significant for the success of any e-commerce store.  You can also find online store software from website like

Make your pick with the domain name

Domain name is the web address of the online store where the customers will reach you out. This is very vital. Hence, choose something that reflects your online store and suggests its utility to users. Thereafter decide upon the extension like .com, .net,, etc to be registered with the domain name.

5. Decide upon the payment channels

To open an online store, it is also essential to decide on how you will be receiving the payments from the customers. Are you going with conventional PayPal or are accepting the credit cards as well? The latter is considered more professional and preferred route. But before that have good research on these payment processing options.

The digital world has open many prospects for many business houses. It has proved to be one of the best ways to commence a new business or to extend an existing one.

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