What Should An RV Storage Have?

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With winter in full swing, the time is now to store away your RV. However, the problem for many RV owners isn’t the storage itself (although winterizing your RV is a time-consuming drainer), but rather finding a storage facility that offers you the complete package.

It would help if you found a place that offers you everything regarding protection, access, and assistance. But is that the only thing you should be looking for in an RV storage facility?

We have the five essentials that you should look for in an RV storage facility.

1 – Security Measures

First thing is first: security is vital for your RV. Having a guy standing at the gate isn’t going to cut it. You need to have multiple layers of protection to ensure that no one – and we mean no-one – can access your vehicle.

So what to look for in terms of security?

* A well-lit area (bright lights deter thefts)

* Fenced area (that prevents break-ins)

* CCTV security system (24/7 coverage so nothing is ever missed)

* Mobile security gate security (a guard or attendant can always help)

* 24/7 keycode access entry so only you have access to your RV

While not all storage facilities might offer this, having most of these measures in place can ensure that your RV is well-protected during the winter.

2- Full-Time Attendant On-Site

While all the above pointers are helpful for security measures, nothing compares to a full-time attendant on-site.

Having personnel on-site can ensure that everything is running smoothly. Not only will they keep an eye on your RV (while monitoring the entire facility), but they will also offer additional services, such as winterization and maintenance services (or hire someone to do it for you).

It’s a full-time gig that adds more value and quality to the facility.

3- Maintenance Services

We touched on this above: maintenance can go a long way to ensuring that your RV is well-maintained during the winter. It also helps to know that it’s ready to go when you start it again in the fall, with minimal problems or issues.

When looking for an RV storage, see if they offer maintenance services that can make your life easier. In many cases, they might offer the following:

* Winterization & cleaning services

* Garbage & recycling process

* Sewer or sanitary dumping

* Portable water and power hookup

* Pest control services

Remember that these extra services are just that: extra. You might have to pay more for them (in some cases, it can be included in the package deal with the facility), so crunch the numbers and see what works for you.

4 – Convenient location To You

You don’t want to spend hours driving to drop off your RV (just imagine the long-drive back). It’s time-wasting, costly on petrol and worse of all, if something goes wrong and you need to attend to your RV, you’ve got to speed your way back there. That’s why it’s always ideal to look for a convenient location that’s close to you.

Try to find something close to you and near the open highway. You want the opportunity to access your RV at any time without worrying about long drives.

If you want to store extra alongside your RV, such as a boat or a personal vehicle, ask if the facility offers additional options or deals if they can keep your little extras. There’s nothing better than having all your items stored in one location.

5- Affordable Value

You won’t be using your RV for the three months in winter, so you shouldn’t have to pay over the top for it. Spending in the hundreds is reasonable, especially if you get maintenance services on top of it. But you shouldn’t be dropping thousands on it. That’s just too costly and not worth the investment.

While it might seem difficult to find a facility to offer all these benefits, it does happen. In Alberta, Canada, Stowaway RV Storage provides all these benefits as part of their services and packages. Just keep searching, and you’ll find an RV storage in your area that provides you with the must-have essentials!

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