Top Predictions of Big Data in 2017 and Beyond

As the saying goes; change is inevitable. From the past trends, people have seen significant innovations in big data, particularly in data mining and analysis. Therefore, it’s easy to forecast various things in this year and in the future. Should you be interested in learning more about big data, navigate at Django development and engineering lab for more information. So, what are the common predictions for big data? Below, we discuss some them.

Emergence of sophisticated platforms

When artificial intelligence (AI) emerged, firms were hesitant to embrace it, particularly those without the resources. However, it is becoming a trend to use these platforms in banking and telecommunications networks. Similarly, other companies are embracing this, with Forrester technology prediction report 2017 saying that it will triple by the end of this year.

More cloud usage

It is expected that more enterprises will move their big data handling into cloud technology where data can be accessed in real-time from any location. This is gaining more acceptance due to safety and security; unlike physical servers, which can be tampered with.

Vertical data analytics

Banks and a few other enterprises remain the great users of vertical solutions, but more are expected to emerge this year and beyond. The general solutions are on their death bed, as more companies start to make their independent solutions based on big data analysis.

More and deeper learning

While most people still believe that deep learning is rocket science, this year will see more realizations of its importance and applications in big data. It will; thus, become clear of whether it will be applicable or not.

More complex data scientist roles

More people with analytical skills and data science knowledge will be needed as time goes by. This is merely because big data processing will become more complex and sophisticated than ever before. The work will involve working in cloud-based multidisciplinary processes with more skills needed.

The chief data officer gets detailed roles

In this technical field, this person is known as the CDO whose role is major in supervising the operations in big data analysis. As such functions get detailed, so will be the CDO’s roles; thus, they will need to grow with every step of this to avoid being any steps behind.

Big data training institutions gets a boom

Training staff on the changing and new, more integrated concepts will have a higher demand than expected, so this will see more training appointments either on-site or offsite. Others will embrace the webinars and eBooks to meet the demand.

Better tools will emerge

Developers are watching every step on the changes emerging in big data analytics tools and software. Thus, they will either advance the existing ones or develop totally new and better solutions. According to research firms like Forrester, firms will be looking for these developers to come to their aid in order to make work easier and clearer.


In the hype of all these predictions, big data analysis will be expected to deliver better results leading to better decision-making for all firms. Additionally, people will expect more vertical decisions, as firms move away from general decisions.

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