How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

In the design of every modern vacuum cleaner there are filter elements, or filters. They trap dust and dirt that gets inside the device during cleaning. The air coming out of the vacuum cleaner must be clean, because we breathe it. Contamination can enter the lungs and provoke allergic reactions, irritation of the mucous membranes and swelling of the respiratory tract.

During my work with clients of our store, I have seen many successful and unsuccessful examples of vacuum cleaner operation. I am often asked why filters are needed at all. Therefore, I decided to tell about them in detail.

Understand What Dustbags and Bags are

Vacuum cleaner bags can be disposable and reusable.

Reusable is usually used for large debris, for example during repairs. The bag can be opened, emptied and reused. Disposable serves as a container for collecting fine organic dust. During the daily cleaning of the apartment, I recommend using it.

The main positive feature of disposable bags is their hygiene.

In vacuum cleaners with a bag, a dust collector is usually installed – it is both a filter and a container for collecting garbage. Vacuum cleaners with a filter bag collect garbage in a dust container, which is then removed and discarded.

Understand that the Bag Needs to be Changed

A full bag will reduce the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and increase the load on the motor. During cleaning, it will be noticeable that the device does not work as before, otherwise it buzzes, and dust does not go into the hose.

There are two reasons to replace or empty the bag. The first – if you have not used a vacuum cleaner for a long time or are not going to use it. The air in the bag during this time can deteriorate from the collected debris. The second reason is if the bag is full. This will be indicated by the fill indicator. If there is no indicator, you just need to check the bag – a full one will look inflated and compacted.

I recommend that you pay attention to the bag from time to time, watch the full indicator and replace the dust container.

Pay Attention to the Features of Cyclone Filters and Plastic Containers

A container in a vacuum cleaner is a container into which all the garbage gets and remains there until it is cleaned. Container vacuum cleaners are often referred to as cyclonic vacuum cleaners because of how the air flows through the container. A small powerful vortex forms inside the 

container, which presses the garbage against the walls of the container, and the air flow passes into an additional filter.

The container should be emptied after every cleaning, otherwise the garbage will smell and rot. It is enough to rinse the container with water, if the instructions do not prohibit doing this. Or wipe with a damp cloth. The garbage container most often has an additional filter, which should also be changed from time to time.

Like Shark vaccum cleaner which is best hair comes with cleaners with a container, it is often necessary to change the container filter. It is simply taken out of the seat. The container itself is changed if it is damaged or has not been cleaned for a long time. Usually, the rubber seals of the container can fray or thin plastic parts can be damaged from debris.

Modern Living 101 agrees, after thorough cleaning and drying, the container can be used again for cleaning

Remember to Replace the Pre-motor Filters

The vacuum cleaner motor is the main technical element that sucks in air and all debris. To prevent dirt from entering the engine compartment, pre-engine filters are used.

Replace the pre-engine filter every 10-15 room cleanings. I recommend not to neglect this element and be sure to monitor its condition, since most often the engine protection filter is sold as a universal canvas. It is selected specifically for the model of the vacuum cleaner.

Know What a HEPA Filter is, How it Works, How and when it Should be Replaced

The abbreviation HEPA stands for highly efficient particle retention. Such filters are most often located at the back or top of the vacuum cleaner in a specific seat. They purify the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner into the room.

The principle of operation is based on randomly located fibers of different thicknesses, which capture and stop even the smallest particles of dust and other elements in the air stream.

After a while, such a filter needs to be changed. I recommend doing this at least once a year, because the state of the air that you will breathe after cleaning depends on the condition of this filter. The filter can be replaced in a few minutes – the old cartridge is snapped off, disposed of and a new one is put in its place.

The instructions for the vacuum cleaner usually indicate where and which filter is installed.

How to Choose and Replace a Filter for a Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Determine the type of filter to be replaced.
  2. Choose a filter according to the model of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. To properly install the filter, you need to refer to the instructions for the vacuum cleaner.
  4. When installing a new filter, you need to be careful with all plastic elements that are easy to break. These elements play an important role in the filter mounting.
  5. After installing the filter, you need to make a control switch on the vacuum cleaner without cleaning. Pay attention to how firmly and how correctly the filter is installed.
  6. You should periodically pay attention to the condition of the filters, because the operation of the vacuum cleaner and the state of human health depend on them.

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