Technical Discipline To Enhance Your Existing Security Processes

Information technology has impacted our world today in a way that exceeds predictions and ideas. The technology that drives IT has grown to be a bridge that connects the world, with time and distance becoming of little importance. With this growth comes the consistent need for security solutions that can ensure the integrity of trillions of data being sent across the internet and numerous devices on a daily basis. The only way to keep up is to improve the existing security measures continually.

Enhancing your security processes is really important if you hope to stay ahead of security threats. There are disciplines and solutions available to improve on this; three of them are given here:

1. Cloud Security: 

It is not a coincidence that more organizations are turning to cloud and cybersecurity as they look to improve on their security. Cloud security offers three key benefits: Reliability, Flexibility, and Affordable security solutions. Cloud security consists of a set of procedures, policies, and technologies that are used together to secure cloud-based data and systems. These are specially configured to protect customer privacy and data as well as to support regulations, among other things. Cloud security can be configured to suit the needs of a business and can run without much administrative input. The time and money it frees up for the company is a huge benefit.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: 

Artificial Intelligence has grown from what it was a decade ago into a sophisticated but effective IT solution. With predictions of annual spending on AI to be $57.6 billion by 2021, AI and Robotics is definitely a sector that is bringing a revolution to every area of IT as it regards security automation in monitoring threats and implementing actions. Cutting across all sectors and industries, AI can be applied in variety of ways.

3. DevSecOps: 

Short for Development, Security and Operations is a philosophy of incorporating best security practices into an existing DevOps process within an organization. It entails creating a Security as Code protocol for easy exchange and synergy between security teams and engineers at the other end. It is focused on the crafting and implementation of new IT security solutions for the development of advanced software within a security framework. 

The main goal of DevSecOps is to address the issue of process bottlenecks, which result from older security solutions in a bid to bridge the gaps between IT and security while ensuring seamless delivery of code. Other benefits of DevSecOps are early identification and resolving of vulnerable points in code, better collaboration, more agility, and speed for security teams, threat modeling, which develops the ability to respond quickly to needs as they arise without having to go through lengthy processes.

Every business or organization has to regularly review its existing security protocols and processes to ensure that they meet up to the current industry standard and can handle any threat at any point in time. All security measures must be adaptable, flexible, and centralized to give the best result.

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